Standard & Special Stains


  • Shelf Life is one year from date manufactured unless otherwise stated.
  • Store at 15-30°C unless otherwise stated.
H = Hazardous

Wright Stain Buffer Solution, pH 6.8

This product is located in our "Buffer" section of Reagents & Chemicals.

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Wright Stain Fixative Methanol, Anhydrous, ACS

(use: Fixative for blood smears.)

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Wright Stain

Part # 1420A500 ml $27.00H
Part # 1420B1 L $31.00H
Part # 1420C1 gal $81.00H

Wright Stain, Buffered

Part # 1422A500 ml $27.00H
Part # 1422B1 L $41.00H
Part # 1422C1 gal $81.00H

Wright Stain, Modified

(use: Stronger for auto stainers.)

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Part # 1421A500 ml $27.00H
Part # 1421B1 L $41.00H
Part # 1421C1 gal $81.00H

Weigert Iron Hematoxylin Stain Set

(Use: Mucin & Trichrome.)

Sol'n A: Ferric Chloride Aqueous Solution

Sol'n B: Hematoxylin Stain Solution, 1% Alcoholic

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