Histology Tissue Flotation Bath TFB200101

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital TFB200101

The lighted extra-deep glass basin makes it easier to see and lift paraffin sections out of the bath.

Part # 6953 each $1,485.00  
Histology Water Bath KD-TH2 Programmable with Slide Warmer

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital with Slide Warmer

Highly programmable & digitally temperature controlled.  UL Approved.

Part # 6952 each $2,320.00  
XH 1003 Digital tissue flotation water bath

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital XH-1003

Low profile design with a removable glass basin and is digitally temperature controlled.

Part # 6950 each $852.00  
Replacement Glass Basin with Handles:
Part # 6950DISH each $57.00