Paraffin Wax Trimmer


Our paraffin trimmer is an efficient appliance for removing excess paraffin from embedding tissue cassettes.  Compact tabletop design of the paraffin trimmer fits easily in any lab.  The melted paraffin is easily melted away and drains into the removable tray below. Collection tray stays in place by magnetic contact with unit.  Also available is a convenient disposable tray liner that allows easy disposal of the runoff wax.  No need to scrape out the collection tray!

Features of the Paraffin Trimmer:

  • Multiple blocks may be trimmed simultaneously

  • Grooved surface for proper wax drainage

  • Two temperature settings – Low 80°C and High 100°C

  • Includes 5 disposable drip tray liners

Dimensions:   Overall size: 11 ¼" (including tray) x 5" x 8"H


Certification and Approvals:

  • CE certified
  • Cord is CSA & UL listed


Voltage Amps Hertz Wattage
120 1.25 60 150



The manufacturer warrants this instrument to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of purchase.  It does not cover damage resulting from abuse or misuse, repairs or alterations performed by other than authorized repair technicians, or damage occurring in transit.


Manual for Paraffin Wax Trimmer

paraffin wax trimmer block trimmer

Paraffin Wax Trimmer

Part # 6528 each $399.00  
Paraffin Trimmer Plastic Liner

Paraffin Wax Trimmer Disposable Liners for Tray

A molded plastic tray liner that allows for easy clean-up and disposal of the paraffin that is melted off the tissue blocks.

Part # 6528L 50/pack $30.00