Paraffin Wax Trimmers


These Digital Paraffin Wax Trimmers are easy to use
and a must have for any histology lab. 


Our paraffin wax trimmers are easy to program and will make trimming blocks an easy & enjoyable task for any histotech!  Both of the trimmers are digitally controlled and have wax collection trays for fast clean-up.

Hareta Model: Heats quickly and a larger heating plate to trim blocks.


Premiere XH-90D Model:  Allows for heating up to 120°C at economical price.




Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Hareta


    • Easy to Use!
    • Digitally Controlled
    • Surface Temp: Room Temp – 99ºC
    • Includes 5 disposable waste tray liners


Part # 6529 each $575.00  
Paraffin Wax Trimmer Collection Tray for Hareta

Paraffin Wax Trimmer Disposable Waste Liners for Hareta

Easy clean up! The disposable plastic tray collects the melted paraffin for easy disposal.

Part # 6529L 100/box $45.00  

Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Premiere


    • NEW – Digital temperature controlled
    • Plate size:  9″ x 5″
    • Surface Temp: Room Temp. to 120°C


Part # 6528 each $556.00  
Paraffin Trimmer Plastic Liner

Paraffin Wax Trimmer Disposable Waste Liners for Premiere

A molded plastic tray liner that allows for easy clean-up and disposal of the paraffin that is melted off the tissue blocks.

Part # 6528L 50/pack $39.00