Red Control Box

Custom positive control slides that are on Red Control Box slides.


Special Request Control Slides on Red Control Box Slides


How to order Positive Control Slides on Red Control Box Slides;

  1. Order the histopathology or immunopathology control slide of interest with the standard part number for either a 10/set or 98/set.  Add a “SR” to the part # to signify the modification.
  2. Order the Custom Glass for Red Control Box Slide for the size set (10/set or 98/set) that was ordered for control slides.  This is done in a 1:1 ratio.  (If you order 5 – 10/sets of control slides, you will need to order 5 – 10/sets of CCS-REDBOXA)
  3. Include Red Control Box Slide Details;
  • Charged or non-charged
  • Box on front or back of slide
  • Painted end either 3/4” or 1″
10 Set for Histo or IHC:
Part # CCS-REDBOXAFEE 10/set $25.00  
98 Set for Histo or IHC:
Part # CCS-REDBOXBFEE 98/set $75.00