Innovative Support Reagents & Buffers


Enhancing Wash Buffers

This product is located in the IHC/Chromogens Section.

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Immuno Diluent and Block

This product is located in the IHC/Innovex Biosciences Section.

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Innovex Cyto-Blue (Permanent)

Blue cytoplasmic stain developed especially for counterstaining IHC nuclear stains of ER, PR, P53, PCNA, etc. Does not bind to nucleus. No masking of AEC or DAB stained nuclei occurs. Mountable with Innovex Probe Mount or xylene based mounting media.

Part # NB310 10 ml $145.00  
Part # NB354 100 ml $385.00  

Innovex Nuclear Red

Red color counterstain for IHC-BCIP/NBT stains, in-situ probes, and special stains. Mountable with xylene based media or Innovex Probe Mount. No fading with time.

Part # NB326 10 ml $165.00  

Isotonic Buffered Saline (PBS)

An all purpose PBS for laboratory use. No preservatives. 20X concentrate, Store at 15-30°C. Shelf life 3 years.

20X Concentrate:
Part # NB303 1 L $325.00  
Aqua Hematoxylin by Innovex Biosciences

STAT Aqua Hematoxylin (Permanent)

Allows for Stat nuclear counter and special staining in 10 seconds. Specially developed for IHC stains. Mountable with xylene and aqueous based mounting media. Stain does not fade with time, no precipitation,no filtration. Usable to the last drop. Shelf life 4 years. Store at 4°C.

Part # NB305 125 ml $225.00  
Part # NB305A 1 L $465.00  

Tissue Recovery Solution with Built-in pH Stabilizer

Innovex’s unique non-citrate formulation with built-in pH stabilizer provides optimal and gentle unmasking of antigens in the various heat methods (including high temp). Optimal pH remains constant regardless of temperature. Non-damaging to tissue morphology. Tissue does not slough off the slide. Shelf life 3 years. Store at 4°C.

Part # NB304 1 L $285.00