Neurological Stains


  • Shelf Life for most Stain Kits is one year from date manufactured.
  • Store Stain Kits at 15-30°C unless otherwise stated.
  • Most Stain Kits include 2 Complimentary Positive Control Slides to be used for the initial verification of staining techniques and reagents.
  • Stain solution groups are sold as individual products under separate part numbers with storage requirements and expiration date designated per bottle.
  • H = Hazardous


Histological Stain Kit Bielschowsky, Lester-King Modified

Bielschowsky, Lester-King Modified Stain Kit

Stains nerve fibers, neurofibrils/tangles, senile plaques and axons.  Used in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Part # 9154A 250 ml kit $340.00 H
Histological Stain Kit Luxol Fast Blue (LFB) - Cresyl Violet

Luxol Fast Blue (LFB) - Cresyl Violet Stain Kit

Stains myelin and Nissl substance in central nervous system tissues and in peripheral nerve.

      • Microwave Modification Included


Part # 9155A 250 ml kit $245.00 H