Special Requests


Newcomer Supply allows customers the option of ordering “special request” control slides for our histopathology and immunopathology product lines.  A special request allows a customer to modify any control slide product to meet their lab’s exact control needs.  Commonly requested changes are:

  • Tissue Placement
  • Drying Method
  • Section Thickness*
  • Slide Glass*


For these orders an “SR” is added to the end of the standard part number to signify the modification.  Special requests are made to order and may take up to 2-3 weeks to manufacture.

Additional costs applied to Special Request orders are the following:

    • $6.00 per 10 slide set
    • $12.00 per 98 slide set

*Additional fees may apply


Below are the options for special request orders.  If you do not find the option you are interested in please contact our Technical Support Department.


Tissue Placement

The standard tissue placement is mid-high on the slide.  Options for special request tissue placement are mid and low.


Mid-High Tissue placement

Drying Method

The standard drying method is air dried with the slide oriented horizontally.  Options for special request drying are oven dried at 60°C for 60 minutes and/or vertically dried.

Horizontal & Vertical Oven Exposure Orientation


Section Thickness

The standard section thickness for most histopathology and immunopathology control slides is 4 microns.  Some products vary from this standard.  A special request for micron thickness is provided by the customer and approved by our Technical Support Department.


Slide Glass

The standard slide glass is Superfrost Plus.  A special request for an alternate type of slide glass can be made, including slide glass provided by the customer and approved by our Technical Support Department.



If you have questions about ordering special request control slides, please contact our Technical Support Department at 800-383-7799 or tech@newcomersupply.com

Red Control Box


Special Request Control Slides on Red Control Box Slides


How to order Positive Control Slides on Red Control Box Slides;

  1. Order the histopathology or immunopathology control slide of interest with the standard part number for either a 10/set or 98/set.  Add a “SR” to the part # to signify the modification.
  2. Order the Custom Glass for Red Control Box Slide for the size set (10/set or 98/set) that was ordered for control slides.  This is done in a 1:1 ratio.  (If you order 5 – 10/sets of control slides, you will need to order 5 – 10/sets of CCS-REDBOXA)
  3. Include Red Control Box Slide Details;
  • Charged or non-charged
  • Box on front or back of slide
  • Painted end either 3/4” or 1″
10 Set for Histo or IHC:
Part # CCS-REDBOXAFEE 10/set $25.00  
98 Set for Histo or IHC:
Part # CCS-REDBOXBFEE 98/set $75.00