Standard & Special Stains


  • Shelf Life is one year from date manufactured unless otherwise stated.
  • Store at 15-30°C unless otherwise stated.
H = Hazardous

Tartrazine Stain 0.25%, Acetic Aqueous

(use: Counterstain for Mucicarmine.)

Part # 14016A250 ml $38.20 
Part # 14016B500 ml $60.40 

Tartrazine Stain 1.5%, Aqueous

Part # 14015A500 ml $22.30 
Part # 14015B1 L $32.10 
Thiazine Stain

Thiazine Stain


Solution B of the Differential Stain Kit.

  • Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture.


For Staining Procedure, click here

Click here to view the Differential Stain Kit.

Part # 10522A500 ml $26.90 
Part # 10522B1 gal $84.60 

Toluidine Blue Stain 0.1%, Aqueous

(use: Mast cell stain and MOHS basal cell carcinoma.)

Part # 14027A250 ml $41.40 
Part # 14027B500 ml $69.90 
Part # 14027D1 gal $299.80 

Toluidine Blue Stock Stain 1%, Aqueous

(use: Toluidine Blue/Alcian Yellow Helicobacter Stain)

Part # 14028A500 ml $48.80 
Part # 14028B1 L $85.70 

Trichrome Stain, Gomori One-Step, Aniline Blue

Indistinguishable from Masson. (Store @ 4°C.)

CLICK HERE to see complete kit 9176 in Stain Kits Section

Part # 1403C250 ml $43.30 
Part # 1403B500 ml $74.60 

Trichrome Stain, Gomori One-Step, Fast Green

(Store at 4ºC.)

Improved with more intense green staining!

CLICK HERE to see complete kit 9175 in Stain Kits Section

Part # 14021A250ml $50.70 
Part # 14021B500ml $79.30 

Trichrome Stain, Gomori One-Step, Light Green

(Store @ 4°C.)

Part # 1402C250 ml $47.00 
Part # 1402B500 ml $74.60 

Trichrome Stain, Wheatley Modified

(use: mod. of Wheatley Trichrome Stain for microsporidia, etc.)

Part # 10351A250 ml $82.10 

Twort's Gram Stain Set

(use: Hucker-Twort Gram Stain.)

  • Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture.


Sol'n A: Neutral Red Stain 1%, Alcoholic

Sol'n B: Fast Green Stain 1%, Alcoholic

Part # 14034A250 ml set $56.90H
Part # 14034B500 ml set $94.80H