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Background Eradicators

Background Buster by Innovex

Background Buster

A ready to use peptide blocker for removal of background staining.

1400-2000 slides:
Part # NB306 125 ml $490.00  
700-1000 slides:
Part # NB306-50 50 ml $325.00  
Fc Receptor Blocker by Innovex

Fc Receptor Blocker

Eliminates non-specific staining caused by Fc receptor staining in lymphoid and hematopoietic cells.

700-1000 slides:
Part # NB309 60 ml $795.00  
150-250 slides:
Part # NB309-15 15 ml $335.00  
Fc Receptor Blocker by Innovex

Fc Receptor Blocker, Azide Free

Preservative-free, Antibody-free Fc Blocker for human, mouse and all animal cells.

Part # NB335 30 ml $490.00  
Cyto-Q Immuno Diluent Block

Cyto-Q Immuno Diluent & Block

Antibody diluting, storage and blocking buffer ALL IN ONE.

Part # NB307 125 ml $395.00  

Innovative Support Reagents & Buffers


Enhancing Wash Buffers

This product is located in the IHC/Chromogens Section.

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Immuno Diluent and Block

This product is located in the IHC/Innovex Biosciences Section.

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Innovex Cyto-Blue (Permanent)

Blue cytoplasmic stain developed especially for counterstaining IHC nuclear stains of ER, PR, P53, PCNA, etc. Does not bind to nucleus. No masking of AEC or DAB stained nuclei occurs. Mountable with Innovex Probe Mount or xylene based mounting media.

Part # NB310 10 ml $145.00  
Part # NB354 100 ml $385.00  

Innovex Nuclear Red

Red color counterstain for IHC-BCIP/NBT stains, in-situ probes, and special stains. Mountable with xylene based media or Innovex Probe Mount. No fading with time.

Part # NB326 10 ml $165.00  

Isotonic Buffered Saline (PBS)

An all purpose PBS for laboratory use. No preservatives. 20X concentrate, Store at 15-30°C. Shelf life 3 years.

20X Concentrate:
Part # NB303 1 L $325.00  
Aqua Hematoxylin by Innovex Biosciences

STAT Aqua Hematoxylin (Permanent)

Allows for Stat nuclear counter and special staining in 10 seconds. Specially developed for IHC stains. Mountable with xylene and aqueous based mounting media. Stain does not fade with time, no precipitation,no filtration. Usable to the last drop. Shelf life 4 years. Store at 4°C.

Part # NB305 125 ml $225.00  
Part # NB305A 1 L $465.00  

Tissue Recovery Solution with Built-in pH Stabilizer

Innovex’s unique non-citrate formulation with built-in pH stabilizer provides optimal and gentle unmasking of antigens in the various heat methods (including high temp). Optimal pH remains constant regardless of temperature. Non-damaging to tissue morphology. Tissue does not slough off the slide. Shelf life 3 years. Store at 4°C.

Part # NB304 1 L $285.00  

Mounting Media

advantage Mounting Medium by Innovex Biosciences

ADVANTAGE Permanent Mounting Media

Permanently preserves AEC, DAB, Fast Red and other immuno stains plus dye chemistry stains. Sets in 5 minutes at RT.

This product is located in the Slides & Cover Slips Section.

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H&E Mount by Innovex Biosciences

H&E Mount

Unique, permanent mounting media designed for coverslipping H&E stains from water or alcohol. Reduce time in eosin if cover slipping from water. Sets in 10 minutes.

This product is located in the Slides & Cover Slips Section.

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Probe Mounting Medium by Innovex Biosciences

Probe Mount

Nuclear Fast Red stained specimens can be permanently mounted. Mount immunofluorescence & in-situ slides from water. Sets in 5 minutes.

This product is located in the Slides & Cover Slips Section.

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Antigen Retrieval

Uni Trieve low temperature antigen retrieval Solution



Uni-Trieve User Friendly Protocol:

Uni-Trieve is a mild-temperature universal retrieval solution that retrieves all antibodies, on all human and all animal tissues at only 65°C-70°C for 30 minutes using a simple water bath.

  • Is Totally Background-Free and unlike citrate buffer, High pH buffers, pressure cookers or microwaves, no  background or tissue damage or loss is observed
  • Standardizes retrieval, it retrieves all tissues with a single solution. 
  • Gentle temperature for immunofluorescence (IF), delicate tissues such as brain, bone marrow and animal tissues.
  • OVER-NIGHT Retrieval is possible: simply immerse sides in 40°C-45°C Uni-Trieve using a water bath as the heat source. Next morning remove slides from the water bath, rinse and proceed with IHC or IF staining!
Part # NB325-200S 200 ml $225.00  
Part # NB325 1 L $385.00  

Substrate/Chromogen Systems


Turbo Action Stable Liquid DAB and AEC for Peroxidase (HRP) Staining

Fast Developing (1-5 minutes). Only 2 components. “Good to the last drop”; left over mixed DAB solution stable for up to 3 weeks. Stains 1200 slides.

DAB Liquid/Substrate System:
Part # NB314SBD 70 ml $355.00  
Innovex Fast Red

Turbo Alkaline Phosphatase Chromogens

Fast Developing (5-10 minutes). Two components for Innovex Fast Red. Single solution for Permanent Innovex Brown (DAB like color) for alkaline phosphatase staining. Single solution for Permanent BCIP/NBT with no background or leeching out.

Innovex Fast Red, 1000 slides:
Part # NB317SBF 70 ml + 14 tablets $395.00  
Permanent BCIP/NBT (single solution), 180 slides:
Part # NB321NBT 10 ml $195.00  

Signal Enhancing Wash Buffers


Alkaline Phosphatase-Enhancing Wash Buffer

(For amplifying Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, Innovex Brown & other substrate chromogens for alkaline phosphatase enzyme staining.)

Part # NB302S 1 L $190.00  
Part # NB302 4 L $365.00  

Alkaline Phosphatase-Enhancing Wash Buffer

5X Concentrate

Part # NB302-5C 1 L $395.00  

HRP-Enhancing Wash Buffer

5X Concentrate

Part # NB301-5C 1 L $425.00  

HRP-Enhancing Wash Buffer

(For amplifying AEC & DAB Stains.)

Part # NB301S 1 L $185.00  
Part # NB301 4 L $385.00  

Chromogen Enhancers


Fast Red Enhancer

Part # NB322 15 ml $285.00  

Quick DAB Enhancer

Part # NB308 60 ml $435.00  
Part # NB308-30 30 ml $285.00