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formalin neutralizer formalex green

Formalex GREEN Formalin Neutralizer

Liquid Neutralizer for Formalin Waste.  Easily and safely neutralize formalin waste to a non-hazardous, non-toxic solution for sink disposal. The improved formula eliminates any sludgy residue and does not require any pH adjustment. It contains no phosphates and is non-vapor forming. Use spray bottle for easy clean of small spills!  (32 ounces of Formalex-Green will neutralize one gallon of spent formalin)

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formalin neutralizer form-zero form zero

FORM-ZERO Formalin Neutralizer

Powder Neutralizer for Formalin Waste A unique powder reagent blend that quickly neutralizes formaldehyde & glutaraldehyde for sink disposal in 20 minutes! One bottle will neutralize one gallon of 10% formalin or 4% glutaraldehyde. No pH adjustment required.

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