Mount Quick Aqueous Mounting Medium

Mount-Quick Aqueous

        • Aqueous Mounting Medium.
        • Liquid at Room Temp.
        • Suitable for use with lipoid sections, solvent soluble IHC chromogens and frozen sections.
        • 30 cc, pH 7
Part # 6271A each $30.00  
advantage Mounting Medium by Innovex Biosciences


Permanent Mounting medium preserves AEC, DAB, Fast Red and other dye chemistry stains. Sets in 5 minutes at Room Temp.

1000 Slides:
Part # NB300 60 ml $355.00  
2000 Slides:
Part # NB300A 125 ml $465.00  
Probe Mounting Medium by Innovex Biosciences

Probe Mount

Nuclear Fast Red stained specimens can be permanently mounted. Mount immunofluorescence & in-situ slides from water. Sets in 5 minutes

1000 Slides:
Part # NB316 60 ml $385.00  
H&E Mount by Innovex Biosciences

H&E Mount

Unique, permanent mounting media designed for coverslipping H&E stains from water or alcohol. Reduce time in eosin if cover slipping from water. Sets in 10 minutes

2000 Slides:
Part # NB315 125 ml $375.00  
Fluoro Gel Mounting Meidum by EMS


(A Direct Substitute for BioMeda Gel-Mount)  Aqueous based mounting medium designed for the preservation of fluorescence stained tissue sections

Part # 56001A 20 ml $98.60  
Part # 56001B 100 ml $261.80