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Face Mask Covid-19 Personal Use

Face Mask, Disposable

Face Mask is comfortable and easy to wear.  Material is a 3 layer SMS non woven fabric.

Currently Out of Stock

1-9 Boxes (50 masks/box):
Part # 5650 box    
10+ Boxes:
Part # 5650 box    

Formalin Absorbing Pads

FAN Pad GL Formalin Absorbing Neutralizing Pad


The FAN Pads are an excellent product for cleaning up spills, grossing on and using as a shelf liner where formalin specimens are stored or transported.

FAN Pad-GL Mini (11 x 10 inches):
Part # ABFAN-55 6 rolls/case $171.50  
FAN Pad-GL Small (6 x 14 inches):
Part # ABFAN-614 48/case $182.30  
FAN Pad-GL Large (9 x 21 inches):
Part # ABFAN-825 30/case $197.00  
Formalin Absorbant Pad for Grossing FAN PAD-GL Elite


Absorbs and neutralizes formalin while dissecting tissue.

      • Permeable non-woven blue laminate work surface
      • Blue background is excellent for tissue contrast
      • Exceptional knife suppression while dissecting tissue
8 inches x 11 inches:
Part # ABFAN-811E 100/case $174.00  
11 inches x 15 inches:
Part # ABFAN-1115E 100/case $273.80  
Formalin Absorbant Pad for Grossing FAN PAD Ultra


An excellent pad to gross on that will absorb & neutralize the formalin from your specimen as you work! Also can use it for lining shelves and transport containers.

FAN Pad Ultra 8 x 11 inches, 1 - 3:
Part # ABFAN-811 25 pads/pack $35.00  
4 or more:
Part # ABFAN-811 25 pads/pack $33.00  
FAN Pad Ultra 11 x 15 inches, 1 - 3:
Part # ABFAN-1115 25 pads/pack $55.20  
4 or more:
Part # ABFAN-1115 25 pads/pack $52.00  

Formalin Disposal

Formalex Green Formalin Disposal Liquid Neutralizer

Formalex GREEN Formalin Disposal Neutralizer

(Ships Ground Only)

Liquid Neutralizer for Formalin Waste:
Part # ABFX-01 1 gal bottle $41.50  
Part # ABFX-250 2.5 gal cube $86.20  
Part # ABFX-05 5 gal cube $153.00  
Part # ABFX-30 30 gal drum $735.00  
Part # ABFX-55 55 gal drum $1,150.00  

Formalex Green Waste Collection Container 1 Gallon

1 Gallon Waste Collection Container Pre-Labeled for Formalex Green (Instructions for use on label)

Part # ABFXG-1 1 gal $18.20  

Formalex Green Waste Collection Container 2.5 Gallon

2.5 Gallon Waste Collection Container Pre-Labeled for Formalex Green (Instructions for use on label)

Part # ABFXG-25 2.5 gal $19.50  

Formalex Green Graduated Dispenser, 32 oz.

32 oz. graduated dispenser container for accurately dispensing Formalex Green solution.

Part # ABFXG-GD 32 oz $25.00  

Formalex Green pH Test Strips

For determining the completion of the reaction of the treated waste formalin with Formalex Green.  Once treated solution is at or above pH 5.5 it can be safely disposed.

Part # ABFXG-PH 100 strips/pack $29.60  
Tissue Funnel for Neutralizing Formalin Waste

Funnel with Tissue Screen

Recommended to avoid extraneous tissue debris from accumulating in the aldehyde waste solution.  Can be used with both Formalex Green and FORM-Zero formalin neutralizers.  White funnel with removable fine mesh tissue screen for cleaning.  Screen is position at the top of the draining spout to prevent any plugging in the spout that can be difficult to extract.

Part # ABFX-FUN each $17.20  
Form Zero Formalin Powder Neutralizer

FORM-ZERO Formalin Disposal Neutralizer

Powder Neutralizer 500cc bottle:
Part # ABFZ550-12 12/case $108.00  
Powder Neutralizer 500cc bottle:
Part # ABFZ550-32 32/case $273.00  

FORM-ZERO Waste Collection Container 1 Gallon

1 Gallon Waste Collection Container Pre-Labeled for FORM-ZERO (Instructions for use on label)

Part # ABFZ-1 1 gal $18.20  

FORM-ZERO Waste Collection Container 2.5 Gallon

2.5 Gallon Waste Collection Container Pre-Labeled for FORM-ZERO (Instructions for use on label)

Part # ABFZ-25 2.5 gal $19.50  
FORM-Zero Formaldehyde Test Strips

FORM-ZERO Test Strips

Instructions for Use – Click Here


Part # ABFZ-TEST 100 strips/pack $82.80  

Formalin Cube Containment

Safecube Dispenser Safe Cube for Formalin Containment

SafeCube Dispenser

Great for Gross Room, Morgue, O.R., or labor and delivery!

Part # ABSCD-100A each $735.00  

Spill Kits & Components

Laboratory spill kits formalin neturalizers

Spill Response Kits

Granular make-up allows appropriate containment and neutralization of spills. Neutralizers for aldehydes, chlorine, acids and bases available. (Solvent product is absorbent.)

Kit Description
Polyform-F                                       For formaldehyde & glutaraldehyde spills
General Purpose      Contains 1 of each: Acid, base, solvent, chlorine
Custom 4 products of your choice.  1 solvent handler per kit.  Add $10 for each additional solvent handler per kit.


All kits include: Safety goggles, gloves, waste bags & broom/pan.

(PolyForm F and Solvent Handler also sold separately. Please inquire.)


For formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.

Part # ABSRK-PF3202 2 x 32 oz $91.00  
Part # ABSRK-PF0102 2 x 1 gal $166.40  
General Purpose:

One of each: Acid, base, solvent, chlorine. (Custom combinations available.)

Part # ABSRK-GP3204 4 x 32 oz $155.60  

Mix & match your own custom combination. Limited to one Solvent Handler per kit. Add $10.00 for each additional Solvent Handler/kit.

Part # ABSRK-GP3204CO 4 x 32 oz $155.60  
Spill Response Kits - Metal Cabinet

Spill Response Kits - Metal Cabinet

Part # ABSRKC-3205 5 x 32 oz $470.00  
Acid Handler Spill Powder

Acid Handler Spill Powder

A flowable powder designed to raise the pH of an acid solution and solidify the liquid providing a safe non-hazardous clean up.

Part # ABAH-32 32 oz $22.30  
Part # ABAH-04 4 x 1 gal $214.00  
Base Control Spill Powder

Base Control Spill Powder

A flowable powder designed to lower the pH of a caustic solution and solidify the liquid providing for a safe non-hazardous clean up.

Part # ABBC-32 32 oz $22.30  
Part # ABBC-04 4 x 1 gal $222.00  
Chlorine Control Spill Powder

Chlorine Control Spill Powder

Chlorine Control Powder™  is a specially formulated powder designed for the destruction and control of various types of liquid chlorine spills and leaks. Chlorine Control Powder™ is manufactured in a dry form for easy application without mixing or dilution.

Part # ABCC-32 32 oz $33.80  
Part # ABCC-04 4 x 1 gal $355.00  
Solvent Handler Spill Powder

Solvent Handler Spill Powder

Solvent Handler is a free flowing oxygen scavenging granule developed to control hydrocarbon spills.  When this virtually dust-free granule is applied, the spilled material is solidified, vapors are eliminated, and flammability risk is reduced.  The resulting dry solid granules can easily be swept up, leaving no evidence of the spilled liquid.

Part # ABSH-32 32 oz $52.00  
Part # ABSH-04 4 x 1 gal $640.00  
Polyform-F Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer

POLYFORM-F™ for Formalin Spills

Free flowing granules spill control product for safe and rapid control of vapors from formaldehyde, 10% NBF and other aldehydes. Result of treated spill is a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer that is safe & simple to clean up and dispose.

Part # ABPF-32 32 oz $23.10  
Part # ABPF-04 4 x 1 gal $193.00  
Part # ABPF-05 2 x 2.5 gal $190.00  

Nitrile Gloves


Halyard Powder-Free Exam Gloves

Textured finger tips for better grip and purple color allows for quick recognition.

  • Powder Free
  • 9.5″ Exam Glove
  • 6 ml at Fingertips
  • Ambidextrous
  • 100 gloves/box


Part # UM026080 10 boxes/case $193.00  
Part # UM026081 10 boxes/case $193.00  
Part # UM026082 10 boxes/case $193.00  
Part # UM026083 10 boxes/case $193.00  
Part # UM026084 10 boxes/case $193.00  

Face Shield

Laboratory Face Shield

Face Shield

A single use full-face safety shield that offers eyes, nose, & mouth protection from aerosols, sprays, and splatters.

1-9 packs:
Part # 5660 2/pack $6.50  
10+ pks:
Part # 5660 2/pack $5.50  


CaviWipes Surface Disinfectant


Canister (160 wipes):
Part # ACP131100 canister $15.50  
12 canisters/cs (160 wipes/canister):
Part # ACP131100CS case $147.00  
CaviWipes1 Surface Disinfectant


12 canisters/cs (160 wipes/canister):
Part # ACP135100 case $162.00  
CaviWipes 2.0 Surface Disinfectant

CaviWipes 2.0

12 canisters/cs (160 wipes/canister):
Part # ACP141100CS case $146.00  
CaviWipes HP by Metrex

CaviWipes HP

12 canisters/cs (160 wipes/canister):
Part # ACP161100CS case $165.00  
CaviWipes Bleach by Metrex

CaviWipes Bleach

12 canisters/cs (90 wipes/canister):
Part # ACP139100CS case $168.00  
CaviCide Canister Wall Bracket

CaviWipes Canister Wall Bracket

CaviWipes and CaviWipes1 canisters can be easily mounted to the wall with this bracket to make them more accessible and visible.

CaviWipe Canister Wall Bracket:
Part # ACP131175 each $33.50  


Cavicide Surface Disinfectants by Metrex


12 - 24 oz. spray bottles/cs:
Part # ACP131024CS case $154.00  
4 x 1 gal/cs:
Part # ACP131000CS case $136.00  
2 x 2.5 gal/cs:
Part # ACP131025CS case $155.00  
CaviCide1 Surface Disinfection by Metrex


12 - 24 oz. spray bottles/cs:
Part # ACP135024 case $163.00  
4 x 1 gal/cs:
Part # ACP135000 case $145.00  

Bleach Sprayer

Activate bleach sprayer 10:1 mix

ACTIVATE, 10:1 Bleach

Bleach sprayer, with refillable 11oz. water cartridge (Bleach cartridge not included):
Part # 5101 each $45.00  
Bleach cartridge refills, 11oz., disposable:
Part # 5102 12/case $74.60  
Chlorine Test Strips, 1 - 5 Bottles:
Part # 5100 50/bottle $48.40  
Chlorine Test Strips, 6 or more bottles:
Part # 5100 50/bottle $44.90  

Skin Usage

VioNexus No-Rinse Spray Handwash

VioNexus No-Rinse Spray Handwash

1 L bottle:
Part # ACP101800 6/case $215.50  

Standard Safety Glasses

Standard Safety Glasses, Black

Standard Safety Glasses, Clear Lenses

The Avion Safety Glasses offer great fit and protection for a broader range of facial shape sizes and applications...and they are stylish too!

  • Mono lens construction, with wrap around lens
  • Rubber tipped temples and a soft rubber nose bridge
  • ballistic Vo rated


Part # 5635BLK each $8.50  
Part # 5635PNK each $8.50  
Part # 5635BLU each $8.50  

Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses, Clear Lens

Bifocal Safety Glasses, Clear Lenses

These bifocal safety glasses combine the requirement for bifocal lenses with the desire for stylish, lightweight and comfortable glasses.

  • Lightweight wrap style frame
  • Soft rubber nose bridge and temple tips
+ 1.0:
Part # 5636A each $17.00  
+ 1.5:
Part # 5636B each $17.00  
+ 2.0:
Part # 5636C each $17.00  
+ 2.5:
Part # 5636D each $17.00  
+ 3.0:
Part # 5636E each $17.00  

Over Spectacle Safety Glasses

Over Spectacle Safety Glasses

Over Spectacle Safety Glasses, Clear Lenses


Designed to fit over regular prescription glasses!

The frame is a lot less bulky than traditional over spectacle glasses and is equipped with small side windows and soft rubber temples.  Ballistic Vo Rated.

Over Spectacle Safety Glasses:
Part # 5637 each $14.50