Water Baths - Tissue Flotation


All of the Digital and Economy Tissue Flotation Baths are easy to use
and are an excellent value for any histology lab. 


Digital Tissue Histology Water Baths:

Our digital flotation water baths are an excellent choice for any productive histology lab!  All of the digital baths are well illuminated, which makes for exceptional viewing of the floating tissue sections.  They also each have a user friendly control keypad for easy operation.


4E’s TFB200101 Model:  An advanced digital histology bath with one of the deepest water basins in the industry

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital




KD-THII Model:  A digital bath that has a built-in slide warmer deck and advanced programming abilities




XH-1003 Model: A digital bath at a very affordable price

XH 1003 Digital tissue flotation water bath




Economy Histology Water Bath:

The economy tissue flotation bath is made of a seamless inner-chamber that is easy to fill and clean.  It heats quickly and is simple to operate.  An excellent tissue flotation bath for any histology lab!

XH-1001 Model: A flotation bath that is very easy on the budget

Water Bath Economy





Histology Tissue Flotation Bath TFB200101

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital TFB200101

The lighted extra-deep glass basin makes it easier to see and lift paraffin sections out of the bath.

Part # 6953 each $1,485.00  
Histology Water Bath KD-TH2 Programmable with Slide Warmer

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital with Slide Warmer

Highly programmable & digitally temperature controlled.  UL Approved.

Part # 6952 each $2,320.00  
XH 1003 Digital tissue flotation water bath

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital XH-1003

Low profile design with a removable glass basin and is digitally temperature controlled.

Part # 6950 each $852.00  
Replacement Glass Basin with Handles:
Part # 6950DISH each $57.00  


Histology Water Bath Premiere XH-1001 for Tissue Flotation Applications

Tissue Flotation Bath - Economy XH-1001

Low cost and analog controlled temperature.

Part # 6951 each $298.00