Scalpel Flat Edge Standard Grade 3.7cm

Scalpels, Flat Edge, Standard Grade, 4.5cm

Part # 5545 each $21.70  
scalpels finger scalpel

Scalpels, Finger Scalpels

Regular size blade with small attached non-slip handle. No need to use a blade without a handle ever again! Ultimate in dexterity.

Blade #10:
Part # 6810A 100/case $121.50  
Blade #22:
Part # 6810B 100/case $131.00  
Blade #60:
Part # 6810C 100/case $133.00  
Stealth Safety Scalpel by Cancer Diagnostic

Scalpels, Stealth STERILE Safety Scalpels

Never change a blade again! Disposable & sterile, one-handed easy “slide & click” design eliminates the need to remove the scalpel blade and effectively reduces the risk of an exposure incident. Convenient “ruler handle” built in.

Each blade is individually packaged & sterile!

Blade #22:
Part # 6820A 100/case $160.00  
Blade #60:
Part # 6820B 100/case $175.00  
scalpels sterile scalpel

Scalpels, Sterile, Disposable, #11 Blade


Disposable, Individually Wrapped. Rigid plastic handle holds a #11 blade.

Don’t expose yourself to potentially infectious specimens while washing instruments. Use and dispose.

  • 10 blades per box
Part # 6802A 1-4 boxes (each) $15.00  
Part # 6802A 5+ boxes (each) $11.00  
Scalpel Handle, #4, Stainless Steel

Scalpel Handle, #4, Stainless Steel

Part # 5546B each $17.50  
Scalpel Handle #8 Stainless Steel

Scalpel Handle, #8, Stainless Steel

Part # 5546 each $25.80