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Keyboards & Mouse - Disinfectable

Disinfectable Keyboard for Laboratory


Part # 5843 each $220.00  
Disinfectable Computer Mouse


Part # 5845 each $88.00  

Paraffin Dispenser

paraffin dispenser XH-4002

Paraffin Dispenser XH-4002

Part # 6527 each $1,301.00  

Paraffin Wax Trimmers

Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital

Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Four E's

An efficient solution for removing excess paraffin from tissue embedding cassettes.

      • LED Display and rotary knob for easy temperature adjustment
      • Room Temp – 99°C
      • Large working surface to allow multiple tissue cassettes to be trimmed at the same time
      • Drip tray with tray liners attached magnetically for easy maintenance
Part # 6526 each $429.00  
Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Premiere

Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Premiere

      • Digital temperature controlled
      • Plate size:  9″ x 5″
      • Surface Temp: Room Temp. to 120°C
Part # 6528 each $575.00  
Paraffin Trimmer Plastic Liner

Paraffin Wax Trimmer Disposable Waste Liners for 4E's & Premiere

A molded plastic tray liner that allows for easy clean-up and disposal of the paraffin that is melted off the tissue blocks.  Fits both the 4E’s and Premiere Wax Trimmers.

Part # 6528L 50/pack $43.00  
Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Hareta

Paraffin Wax Trimmer - Digital, Hareta

        • Easy to Use!
        • Digitally Controlled
        • Surface Temp: Room Temp – 99ºC
Part # 6529 each $597.00  
Paraffin Wax Trimmer Collection Tray for Hareta

Paraffin Wax Trimmer Disposable Waste Liners for Hareta

Easy clean up! The disposable plastic tray collects the melted paraffin for easy disposal.

Part # 6529L 100/box $47.00  

Slide Warmer

Slide Warmer XH-2001 & XH-2002

Slide Warmer

10" x 7" Surface:

holds approx. 23 slides; Approx. 10 lbs.

Part # 6258 each $328.00  
25" x 8" Surface:

holds approx. 66 slides; Approx. 13 lbs.

Part # 6259 each $401.00  
Slide Warmer with Cover XH-2004 & XH-2005

Slide Warmer with Cover

10" x 7" Surface:

Holds approx. 23 slides

Part # 6262 each $466.00  
25" x 8" Surface:

Holds approx. 66 slides

Part # 6261 each $553.00  
Slide Warmer Step Up XH-2003

Slide Warmer Step Up

Part # 6259STEP each $542.00  

Stirring Hot Plate

Stirring Hot Plate Model 88-1 by Premiere

Stirring Hot Plate

Part # 6825 each $422.00  


Histology Tissue Flotation Bath TFB200101

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital TFB200101

The lighted extra-deep glass basin makes it easier to see and lift paraffin sections out of the bath.

Part # 6953 each $1,485.00  
Histology Water Bath KD-TH2 Programmable with Slide Warmer

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital with Slide Warmer

Highly programmable & digitally temperature controlled.  UL Approved.

Part # 6952 each $2,320.00  
XH 1003 Digital tissue flotation water bath

Tissue Flotation Bath - Digital XH-1003

Low profile design with a removable glass basin and is digitally temperature controlled.

Part # 6950 each $852.00  
Replacement Glass Basin with Handles:
Part # 6950DISH each $57.00  


Histology Water Bath Premiere XH-1001 for Tissue Flotation Applications

Tissue Flotation Bath - Economy XH-1001

Low cost and analog controlled temperature.

Part # 6951 each $298.00