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Laboratory spill kits formalin neturalizers

Spill Response Kits

Granular make-up allows appropriate containment and neutralization of spills. Neutralizers for aldehydes, chlorine, acids and bases available. (Solvent product is absorbant.)

Kit Description
Polyform-F                                       For formaldehyde & glutaraldehyde spills
General Purpose      Contains 1 of each: Acid, base, solvent, chlorine
Custom 4 products of your choice.  1 solvent handler per kit.  Add $10 for each additional solvent handler per kit.


All kits include: Safety goggles, gloves, waste bags & broom/pan.

(PolyForm F and Solvent Handler also sold separately. Please inquire.)


For formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.

Part # ABSRK-PF3202 2 x 32 oz $87.00  
Part # ABSRK-PF0102 2 x 1 gal $160.00  
General Purpose:

One of each: Acid, base, solvent, chlorine. (Custom combinations available.)

Part # ABSRK-GP3204 4 x 32 oz $150.00  

Mix & match your own custom combination. Limited to one Solvent Handler per kit. Add $10.00 for each additional Solvent Handler/kit.

Part # ABSRK-GP3204CO 4 x 32 oz $150.00  
Spill Kit Cabinet

Spill Response Kits - Metal Cabinet

Part # ABSRKC-3205 5 x 32 oz $450.00  

Acid Handler Spill Powder

Free Flowing Powder Acid Handler.

Part # ABAH-32 32 oz $21.50  
Part # ABAH-04 4 x 1 gal $205.00  

Base Control Spill Powder

Free Flowing Powder Base Control.

Part # ABBC-32 32 oz $21.50  
Part # ABBC-04 4 x 1 gal $212.00  

Chlorine Control Spill Powder

Chlorine Control Powder™  is a specially formulated powder designed for the destruction and control of various types of liquid chlorine spills and leaks. Chlorine Control Powder™ is manufactured in a dry form for easy application without mixing or dilution.

Part # ABCC-32 32 oz $33.00  
Part # ABCC-04 4 x 1 gal $339.00  

Solvent Handler Spill Powder

Solvent Handler is a free flowing oxygen scavenging granule developed to control hydrocarbon spills.  When this virtually dust-free granule is applied, the spilled material is solidified, vapors are eliminated, and flammability risk is reduced.  The resulting dry solid granules can easily be swept up, leaving no evidence of the spilled liquid.

Part # ABSH-32 32 oz $50.00  
Part # ABSH-04 4 x 1 gal $615.00  
Polyform F Poly form F formalin spill product

POLYFORM-F™ for Formalin Spills

Part # ABPF-32 32 oz $22.30  
Part # ABPF-04 4 x 1 gal $191.50  
Part # ABPF-05 2 x 2.5 gal $182.30