Base Control Spill Powder

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Part # ABBC-32 32 oz $21.50
Part # ABBC-04 4 x 1 gal $212.00

“The first line of control for most accidental releases of corrosive materials.”

This unique flowable powder was developed to facilitate the rapid and immediate control of spilled corrosive materials by:

  • Solidifying and neutralizing on contact.
  • Immediately stopping the spread of hazardous chemicals.
  • Reducing hazardous fumes and vapors.
  • Reducing the corrosiveness of spilled materials, which reduces chemical attack on floors and other surfaces, as well as on the environment.
  • Producing a controlled chemical reaction, rather than the usual violent reaction associated with the neutralization of strong corrosives.
  • Eliminating the disposal problems typically associated with generic sorbents.
  • Producing a dry powder which can be cleaned up and disposed of as a nonhazardous waste.



  1. Consult SDS of spilled material to become familiar with its chemical properties and safety and health requirements.
  2. Select and wear proper personal protective equipment for the spilled material.
  3. Evacuate area as necessary to ensure the safety of all personnel.
  4. Eliminate all sources of ignition and ensure that there is adequate ventilation before applying product.
  5. Apply Base Control™ to the spill area, working from the upwind side and start from the outside of spill and working toward the center. If the spilled liquid is running, then apply product downstream of the spill to form a dam.
  6. Carefully mix with a non-reactive paddle or shovel until all liquid is solidified.
  7. Determine level of neutralization by using a pH test kit.
  8. Let solidified/neutralized material cool prior to clean up.
  9. Follow final clean up procedures established by your facility or company.
  10. Dispose of neutralized waste in accordance with Federal, State and Local environmental regulations.



Use on the Following Bases:


Use on the Following: 

Ammonium Hydroxide = aqua ammonia                  Chlorine
Anhydrous Ammonia Hydrogen Peroxide
Monoethanolamine Oxidizers
Morpholine Sodium Amide
Potassium Hydroxide = caustic potash Sodium Hypochloride
Triethylalamine Sulfurous Fluoride
Sodium Hydroxide = caustic soda
Sodium Metasilicate Solution
Most Alkali Detergents