The FAN Pads are an excellent product for cleaning up spills, grossing on and using as a shelf liner where formalin specimens are stored or transported.

Product Options:

FAN Pad-GL Mini (11 x 10 inches):
Part # ABFAN-55 6 rolls/case $165.50
FAN Pad-GL Small (6 x 14 inches):
Part # ABFAN-614 48/case $176.00
FAN Pad-GL Large (9 x 21 inches):
Part # ABFAN-825 30/case $193.00

Fan Pads™  Formalin Absorbing & Neutralizing Pads

Fan Pads™ are Ideal for: 

⇒ Grossing & Autopsy    ⇒ Tissue Transport        ⇒ Surgery

⇒ Tissue Storage Area  ⇒ Specimen Receiving   ⇒ Derm Labs

Fan Pads™ Come in Three Different Sizes:


  • Great for cleaning up small dribbles or spills on counter tops
  • Ideal for grossing small tissues, e.g. cysts and tonsils
  • Working Surface:  11″ x 10″
  • Absorbs up to 20ml of 10% Formalin


  • Ideal for grossing medium size tissues, e.g. gall bladders and appendix.
  • Line shelves, storage containers and transport coolers to absorb and neutralize formalin & fumes!
  • Working Surface:  6″ x 14″
  • Absorbs up to 200ml of 10% Formalin


  • Ideal for the BIG UGLIES; formalin soaked tissues, e.g. uterus, breast and colon.
  • Line shelves, storage containers and transport coolers to absorb and neutralize formalin & fumes!
  • Working Surface:  9″ x 21″
  • Absorbs up to 500 ml of 10% Formalin

A two-year study performed by NASA found FAN PAD-GL™ to be the safest, most effective method of controlling the air quality associated with the analysis of formalin fixed specimen on the 1998 Columbia Shuttle STS-90 NEUROLAB.


♦  Fan Pads™ are effective moist or dry. They provide excellent vapor control anywhere formalin or glutaraldehyde is used or stored!

Pluses of using Fan Pads™:

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  No more plugging your nose in disgust

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  No more smelly garbage cans

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  Safely neutralizes the formalin as you wipe it up

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  Reduces formalin odor when grossing directly on the pad

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  No more profanity when a spill happens (well, maybe a little)

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  Safe to dispose of in regular garbage bags

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  No more smelly counters

thumb,thumb up,up,fine,good,hand,ascend,rise,ascending,upload,increase  Low cost per sheet