POLYFORM-F™ for Formalin Spills

Polyform-F Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer

Free Flowing Granules for Formalin Spills

Free flowing granules spill control product for safe and rapid control of vapors from formaldehyde, 10% NBF and other aldehydes. Result of treated spill is a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer that is safe & simple to clean up and dispose.

Product Options:

Part # ABPF-32 32 oz $23.10
Part # ABPF-04 4 x 1 gal $193.00
Part # ABPF-05 2 x 2.5 gal $190.00


Eliminates Harmful Vapors in Minutes!

PolyForm-F™ Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer is a free granule spill product for the safe and rapid control of harmful vapors from formaldehyde, formaldehyde-based embalming solutions, glutaraldehyde, 10% buffered formalin and other aldehydes, including: Cidex, Cidex-OPA, Metracide, Wavacide & OmniCide.



  • Harmful vapors are eliminated in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Formaldehyde & other aldehydes are neutralized & irreversibly polymerized
  • Reaction leaves a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer
  • End product is safe & simple for personnel to clean-up & dispose



  • Hospital & Medical Labs
  • Histology & Pathology Labs
  • Operating Rooms
  • Morgues & Autopsy Suites
  • Medical Schools & Universities
  • Specimen Transportation
  • Shipping & Receiving Areas
  • Wherever aldehydes are used



  1. Consult SDS for the spilled chemical solution, to become familiar with its chemical properties and health & safety requirements.
  2. Select and wear proper personnel protective equipment as recommended or noted on the SDS for the spilled chemical solution.
  3. Evacuate area as necessary to ensure safety of personnel.
  4. Eliminate all sources of ignition and insure there is adequate ventilation in the area of the spill.
  5. Add PolyForm-F™ Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer around the perimeter of the spill to dike the liquid and prevent spreading.  From the upwind side, cover the entire area from edge to edge at a ratio of approximately one-to-one, completely covering the spill and taking care to avoid vapors and splashing.
  6. Once PolyForm-F™ Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer is applied, DO NOT MIX, allow to stand for approximately 12 to 15 minutes.
  7. Cleanup spill residue by using a plastic dust-pan and disposable towels, then place the collected spill residue in adequate waste bag.
  8. After spill residue has been removed from spill area, wipe up the spill area with cold tap water, using a towel, sponge or mop.
  9. “Post-Cleanup” the spill area with mild detergent solution recommended by your  facility for the final floor and/or counter cleanup.
  10. In most cases,  the PolyForm-F™ Formalin/Formaldehyde Neutralizer treated spill residue may be disposed of as a non-hazardous waste.
  • If the spilled solutions contain heavy metals, then the material must be handled as a potential hazardous waste.
  • If human or animal tissue has been in contact with the spilled formalin, then the spill residue material may be handled as a potential bio-medical waste.
  • Always dispose of all spill residue waste in accordance with users’ facility recommendations and follow all Federal, State and Local environmental regulations.