Probe Mount

Probe Mounting Medium by Innovex Biosciences

      • Nuclear Fast Red stained specimens can be permanently mounted
      • Mount immunofluorescence & in-situ slides from water
      • Sets in 5 minutes
      • Manufactured by Innovex Biosciences

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1000 Slides:
Part # NB316 60 ml $390.00


The Probe Mount mounting media is suitable for mounting immunofluorescence stains, in situ stains counterstained with Nuclear Fast red and Red based special stains.

For coverslipping Immunofluorescence stains:  PROBE MOUNT Mounting Media is a unique mounting media for coverslipping immunofluorescence stains. This mounting media is highly suitable for preserving immunofluorescence specimens stained with FITC, R-PE, Cy3, Cy5, Texas Red and other tandem fluorochromes.

For coverslipping specimens counterstained with Nuclear Fast Red:  Red nuclear dyes such as Nuclear Fast Red are often used to stain or counterstain the nuclei in histological or cytological preparations. Counterstaining with Nuclear Fast Red is commonly practiced when staining for DNA or RNA probes for contrasted viewing of BCIP/NBT blue chromogen. Nuclear Fast Red stained specimens are best mounted with non-synthetic resinous mounting media that do not require alcohol and xylene treatment steps.



  • Fluid at room temperature and does not require warming.
  • Eliminates need for alcohol dehydration and xylene clearing pre-steps.
  • Sets quickly.
  • Preservation of stained tissue sections and other biological slide specimens.



The following is a recommended technique for coverslipping slide specimens. Other techniques that achieve the same basic result are equally acceptable.

  1. Take the slides from the final wash (for best results water is quite suitable).
  2. Remove excess water by tapping the slides on a paper towel, for best results, blot most of the water or let slides air dry for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Place the slides down, face up on a flat surface and apply 2-3 drops of Probe Mount mounting media on the middle of the coverslip.
  4. Bring the slide up to the edge of the coverslip and invert the slide so that the mounting media touches the slide. Gently complete inversion.
  5. For immediate viewing, Quick-Set the coverslip by placing the mounted slides in an oven for the following times (10-15 min. at 37ºC) or let the slides sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

When mounting immunofluorescence stains, keep slides in dark and avoid exposure to light. 



If for any reason you end up with an unsatisfactory mounted slide such as one with some air bubbles, remount slides as follows:

  1. Allow the coverslip to slip off the end of the slide by holding the slide at a vertical angle.
  2. Remove excess media as if it were excess water on a slide.
  3. Re-apply mounting media and coverslip.
  4. Mounted slides should be properly stored following the microscopic examination. Slides are best stored in the dark and free of dust.



When desired, coverslips mounted with “PROBE MOUNT” mounting media may be removed by soaking the slides in warm water. The soaking time required depends on the age of the mounted slide and may vary from 10 minutes to overnight. After softening the mounting media, slowly and gently pull back on the corner of the coverslip until it releases. Then rinse off the remaining mounting media by agitating the unslipped slide in the warm water for a few moments.