H&E Mount

H&E Mount by Innovex Biosciences

Unique, permanent mounting media designed for coverslipping H&E stains from water or alcohol. Reduce time in eosin if cover slipping from water. Sets in 10 minutes. Manuf. by Innovex Biosciences.

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2000 Slides:
Part # NB315 125 ml $375.00


Permanent Aqueous Mounting Media

The “H&E Mount” mounting media is a newly formulated aqueous based permanent mounting media designed for coverslipping H&E stains from water. The use of H&E aqueous mounting media eliminates the need for alcohol dehydration and xylene clearing pre-treatment steps, slides are simply mounted from water post hematoxylin and eosin staining. The “H&E Mount” provides permanent preservation of H&E stained tissue sections, cell smears and cyto-spins for indefinite storage.

H&E stained slides mounted with “H&E Mount” do not display any loss of eosin or hematoxylin staining that is often observed when H&E slides are mounted from alcohol and xylene. Therefore, when mounting with “H&E Mount”, less number of dips (5-10) in eosin is recommended.



H&E Mounting Media is intended for the mounting and preservation of hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained biological specimen. It is intended to be applied with coverslips. 



  • Mount directly from water or alcohol.
  • No dehydration or xylene clearing steps required prior to mounting.
  • Alcohol differentiation of eosin may be performed prior to mounting.
  • Permanent.
  • No fading of eosin or hematoxylin.
  • Sets in 10 minutes, ready for microscopic examination.
  • Excellent for photography.
  • Simple soaking in water removes coverslip.



For paraffin sections:  Deparaffinize slides and rinse slides in tap water.

For frozen sections:  Cut sections, fix in 40% formaldehyde for 10 seconds and rinse well with tap water.

1.  Immerse in “Aqua Hematoxylin” (Innovex product # NB305) for 2-5 minutes. “Aqua hematoxylin” does not require post treatment of slides with Ammonia water, slides stained with “Aqua hematoxylin” turn blue with tap water rinse alone.


Immerse in Harris hematoxylin for 1-3 minutes, rinse with Ammonia water till slides turn blue (rinse sections well with tap water, too much ammonia carry over will decrease eosin staining).

2.  Rinse in tap water till water runs clear.

3.  Stain in eosin with 5-10 dips.

4.  Rinse in tap water.

5.  Blot as much water as possible from the surface of the slides and proceed as below with coverslipping.



The following is a recommended technique for coverslipping slide specimens. Other techniques that achieve the same basic result are equally acceptable.

  1. Take the slides from the final wash (for best results water is quite suitable).
  2. Remove excess water by tapping the slides on a paper towel, for best results, blot most of the water or let slides air dry for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Place the slides down, face up on a flat surface and apply 1-2 drops (or as needed) of H&E Mount on the lower edge of the coverslip.
  4. Bring the slide up to the edge of the coverslip and invert the slide so that the mounting media touches the slide. Gently complete inversion.
  5. Mounted slides with “H&E” mounting media are ready in 10 minutes for microscopic examination.
  6. Mounted slides should be properly stored following the microscopic examination. Slides are best stored in the dark and free of dust.



If for any reason you end up with an unsatisfactory mounted slide such as one with some air bubbles, remount slides as follows:

  1. Allow the coverslip to slip off the end of the slides by holding the slide at a slight vertical angle.
  2. Remove excess media as if it were excess water on a slide.
  3. Re-apply mounting media and coverslip.
  4. Mounted slides should be properly stored following the microscopic examination.



When desired, coverslips mounted with “H&E Mount” may be removed by soaking the slides in warm water. The length required depends on the age of the mounted slides and may vary from 10 minutes to overnight. After softening the mounting media, slowly and gently pull back on the corner of the coverslip until it releases. Then rinse off the remaining mounting media by agitating the un-slipped slide in the warm water for a few moments.