PAP GnomePen Flat Liquid Blocker

PAP GnomePen Hydrophobic Flat Liquid Blocker Pap Pen


This PAP pen has been designed and optimized for Z-stack confocal microscopy.


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 The GnomePen Flat Liquid Blocker has the same great GnomePen Classic Liquid Blocker features but generates a wide hydrophobic line to accommodate thick slices and Z-stack confocal microscopy.  It forms a thin layer that does not interfere with cover slip application.  It is optimized for tissue sections between 10-60 microns thick.  Estimated coverage would be for approximately 250 slides.


      • 7 ml volume: approximately 250 slides
      • Fast drying time – 1 minute on the bench and under 30 seconds in chemical fume hood
      • Shelf Life – 18 months
      • Available in 6 colors: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple & Yellow
      • Clear body of pen
      • Can be used on both silane coated and plain slides
      • Insensitive to detergents & formaline/PFA fixatives
      • Use with cryome and paraffin embedded slices
      • Safe for antibodies and reagents



      1. Make sure glass surface is dry. If possible, apply before starting your assay.
      2. Shake the pen thoroughly (10-20 seconds) before use. If the pen was stored under 25°C, unscrew clockwise and re-screw before use.
      3. Clean the GnomePen tip.  Use a kimwipe or soft paper wipe to clean the tip before starting.
      4. Hold the white tip of the pen and push the (clean) steel tip of the pen against the glass.
      5. Move quickly and draw a continuous line around your sample.
      6. Raise the pen off the surface once done.
      7. If a thicker line is needed or flow doesn’t begin instantly, gently squeeze the clear pen body.
      8. Allow pen line to fully dry before starting.  Drying time is about 30 seconds in chemical fume hood (recommended) or 60 seconds on the bench.



The main solvents in the GnomePen™ Flat are Toluene and Xylene.  It is recommended that the pen be used in a chemical fume hood.  Do not use GnomePen™ Flat near an open flame as both solvents are flammable.



Store at room temperature away from open flame and direct sunlight.  Cool, dark storage is recommended.  Do not freeze the GnomePen Flat.  Shelf life is 18 months.


If you are outside of North America, please visit the Invignome website for a distributor near you.