TruBond 380 Adhesive Microscope Slides

Adhesion: Very Strong
Surface: Hydrophilic
Application: For HIER processed when tissue type requires extra strong adhesion, epitope enhancement and DNA probe procedures
Unit: 100 slides/box, 1,000 slides/case

Product Options:

White :
Part # 5080W case $280.00
Blue :
Part # 5080B case $280.00
Green :
Part # 5080G case $280.00
Yellow :
Part # 5080Y case $280.00
Part # 5080P case $280.00


The TruBond 380 adhesive microscope slides have an enhanced chemistry coating which creates an incredible slide to work with!

The advanced technology in manufacturing the adhesive surface of the microscope slide produces incredible adhesion to the tissue section even in the most demanding applications.  The surface of the TruBond 380 microscope slide is also hydrophilic producing two very notable features:

  • Allows to refloat the tissue in the water bath for repositioning the tissue section
  • Allows the microscope slide to be used on all automated IHC platforms


The hydrophilic surface of the microscope slide also ensures faster draining of the water between the glass surface and the tissue section compared to adhesive slides with a hydrophobic surface.  This can help minimize any water being trapped between the tissue section and the microscope slide when the tissue section is being picked up from the water bath.  Minimizing the trapped water can increase the area of the tissue section being in direct contact with the adhesive coating on the microscope glass and maximizing the adhesive bond between the tissue section and microscope glass.  Thus, creating stronger adhesive properties of the TruBond 380 microscope slide.

Extensive testing has shown the TruBond 380 Adhesive Microscope Slides outperformed commonly used adhesive microscope slides. They are especially useful in preventing tissue loss when performing high temperature antigen retrieval or enzyme digestion, and are ideal for use in immunostaining of formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) and frozen tissue where stronger adhesion microscope slides are required. 


Recommended Use:  

  • HIER processes when tissue type require extra strong adhesion
  • Epitope enhancement and DNA probe procedures
  • Autopsy and brain sectioning
  • Research applications require extra strong adhesion



  • Glass Type: High Clarity, Low Fluorescence
  • Size: 75 x 25mm, 1mm thick
  • Surface Wettability: Hydrophilic
  • Edge Treatment: 45° Corner
  • Packaged 1,000 slides/case
  • Available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink