NewSilane Adhesive Microscope Slides

NewSilane, Newcomer Supply Brand Slides

Adhesion: Very Strong
Application: Difficult and routine IHC.  Difficult tissues with long incubations.
Unit: 72 slides/box, 1,440 slides/case

Product Options:

Part # 5070 1-10 boxes $59.70
Part # 5070 11-19 boxes $51.20
Part # 5070 20+ boxes $44.90


The NewSilane adhesive coated slides are a very strong adhesive coated slide!  Use for “tricky”, routine or IHC applications.  These adhesive coated slides are an excellent addition to any pathology lab that works with challenging tissue(s) or demanding procedures.



The NewSilane Adhesive Coated Slides are recommend for use for procedures with:

  • Difficult tissues combined with long incubations
  • Extra procedural steps
  • Extended antigen retrieval



  • No word imprint on slide
  • Size: 75 x 25mm, 1mm thick
  • Edge Treatment: 90° Corner
  • Unit: Approx. 72 slides/box, 1,440 slides/case
  • Available color: White