Mount-Quick Aqueous

Aqueous Mounting Medium. Liquid at Room Temp. Suitable for use with lipoid sections, solvent soluble IHC chromogens and frozen sections. 30 cc, pH 7. Manuf. by Daido Sangyo Co. Ltd.

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Newcomer Supply Mount-Quick Aqueous is a ready-to-use liquid mounting medium for histological techniques requiring an aqueous based mounting medium solution and/or when dehydrating and clearing agents will adversely affect the stain, such as:  lipid/fat stains, crystal violet stains and solvent soluble immunoperoxidase chromogenic procedures.

Mount-Quick Aqueous mounting medium is not recommended for use in immunofluorescence procedures.



Technique:   Paraffin or frozen sections



  1. Initial use of Mount-Quick Aqueous; with a clean blade or scissors slice open the bottle tip at a slight angle in order to allow a controlled flow of mounting medium and minimal development of air bubbles.
  1. Keep Mount-Quick Aqueous tightly capped when not in use to avoid evaporation and maintain solution viscosity.
  1. Complete staining procedure and final rinsing step; blot excess water/fluid from slide edges.
  2. Apply sufficient amount of Mount-Quick Aqueous mounting medium to flow over and fully cover the tissue section(s).
  3. Install coverglass, one edge first, allowing any air bubbles to escape as the opposite edge is lowered on to the slide.
  1. See Procedure Note #1.
  1. Wipe off excess mounting medium from sides and bottom of slide.
  1. See Procedure Note #2.
  1. Dry slide in a horizontal position. Edges of the coverslip will dry sufficiently to hold the coverslip in place.
  2. Prevent dried edges and accumulation of extraneous air bubbles that may form due to evaporation and/or long term storage by sealing all coverglass edges with a thin coat of clear nail polish/lacquer.  Allow sealed slide to dry thoroughly prior to filing.



  1. When using Mount-Quick Aqueous in lipid staining procedures, use minimal pressure when applying coverslip or fat/lipid staining may be disturbed/displaced.
  2. To remove trapped air bubbles under coverslip; soak slide in warm water until coverslip can easily be removed. Blot excess water from slide and remount with new coverslip and Mount-Quick Aqueous mounting medium.
  3. Mount-Quick Aqueous refractive index (1.41) is close to that of glass (1.52)



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