Infinity Microtome Blades

Product Options:

Low Profile 50 Blade Dispenser (Price Per Box):
Part # 62516A 1 - 4 (each) $97.00
Part # 62516A 5 - 9 (each) $91.00
Part # 62516A 10+ (each) $85.00
High Profile 50 Blade Dispenser (Price Per Box):
Part # 62516D 1 - 4 (each) $97.00
Part # 62516D 5 - 9 (each) $91.00
Part # 62516D 10+ (each) $85.00


This blade was designed for histotechs that use the Accu-Edge and Feather microtome blades.  It performs in the same manner, but lasts longer and costs less!

It is coated with a special Teflon-like substance that consistently provides a smooth and precise section in microtomes and cryostats. Its unique combination of durability and precision competes well against all blades, and is specifically designed to outperform the Feather S35 & R35 and Thermo mx35 blades.


  • Triple faceted, 35 degree cutting edge
  • 80mm length blade
  • Incredible longevity and performance
  • Ideal for all general paraffin and cryostat use!


Infinity Disposable Microtome Blades and are available in:

  • Low Profile
  • High Profile



  • Low Profile – 80mm x 8mm x 0.25mm
  • High Profile – 80mm x 14mm x 0.30mm


Infinity Disposable Microtome Blades are Made in the USA