OCT, Tissue-Plus


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The Original OCT Formula!

Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound formula has been used extensively in labs since 1999. This formula has proven itself to be a superior and reliable product for 17 plus years. When time is of the essence, the last thing you want to worry about is your frozen section mounting media.  Compares to Sakura Tissue-Tek OCT.

Performance & Quality with every use!

  • It provides a stable specimen matrix and superior section quality at cryostat temperatures from -10°C to -40°C.
  • This product will not separate like some other freezing compounds and provides a consistent sectioning substrate from the first use to the last.
  • It is a highly soluble in alcohol, formalin and water and leaves no residue on slides during staining procedures, eliminating undesirable background staining that can occur with other freezing compounds.
  • Accommodates 50-75 specimens per bottle.


Frozen Section to Permanent Section Correlation:

Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound easily dissolves from around the tissue following the frozen section procedure, allowing optimal tissue processing for permanent sections.  Pathologists will enjoy superior frozen section to permanent section correlations. (CAP ANP.12075)

Frozen Tissue Storage:

Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound has a variety of applications including a matrix for long term storage of fresh tissue pending future studies.  When surrounded by Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound, fresh tissue will consistently retain its integrity at -72°C

Dispensing Container:

Tissue-Plus® OCT Compound is supplied in convenient 4 oz. spout plastic containers.