The Matsunami USA, Inc. Adhesive Slide Story:

In 2009 Tru Scientific microscope slides came on to the market and were quickly recognized by end-users to be a high quality glass with superior adhesive strength and priced very competitively.  This adhesive slide offering was a well-rounded array of slides for almost all applications a pathology lab would perform.

  • TruBond 200 Adhesive Slide:  This slide was designed for routine histology and IHC applications.  The slide’s surface was the traditional hydrophobic surface that many of the aminosilane coated microscope slides were produced with at this time.
  • TruBond 360 Adhesive Slide:  The adhesive strength of this slide was similar to that of the TruBond 200 adhesive slide, but the major difference was the surface of the glass was hydrophilic. 
  • TruBond 380 Adhesive Slide:  The adhesive strength of this slide was significantly stronger compared to the TruBond 200 and TruBond 360 and also was designed with a hydrophilic surface.  This slide was designed for the very challenging research applications that required an extra strong adhesive surface.
  • Infinity + Adhesive Slide:  The design focus of this slide was not for a specific application, but for a specific automated stainer line – The Ventana® Benchmark series.  Many years of development went into this slide to optimize its performance for the Ventana® Benchmark series of stainers.


In July of 2013, Tru Scientific was acquired by Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. (headquartered in Japan) and became Matsunami USA, Inc.  This was a natural partnership due to the fact that all of the microscope glass that Tru Scientific was selling was being manufactured by Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. in Japan and renamed for the North American market.  Tru Scientific was able to bring the North American market a high quality adhesive slide product line from the start due to the 50 plus years of microscope slide manufacturing experience of Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. in Japan.

For a quick reference of the different slides that were manufactured by Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. and distributed under a different name in North America by Tru Scientific, see the chart below:

Tru Scientific Slide Name

Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. Slide Name

TruBond 200  (Recently changed to APS)


TruBond 360  (Recently changed to MAS-GP)


TruBond 380


Infinity +         (Recently changed to Tomo)



Over the course of the last year, a number of the Tru Scientific adhesive slide names have been changed to the Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. product names for production efficiencies.  The only one that remains with the Tru Scientific name is the TruBond 380.  Please note that while the names may have changed, the high quality slide coatings have remained the same.

With the partnership in place, it has been easier and faster for Matsunami USA, Inc. to introduce additional market proven slides into the North American market.  One of the most recent product additions is the following;

MAS Adhesive Slide:     The adhesive strength of this slide is the strongest that Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. produces today.  If there are any applications that continue to challenge your lab with tissue falling off, this is the slide we recommend.

APS Slides

APS Microscope Slides

APS Adhesive Microscope Slides

White - 90 Degree Corners:
Part # 5078W90 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
White :
Part # 5078W 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078B 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078G 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078Y 1,000 slides/case $180.00  
Part # 5078P 1,000 slides/case $180.00  

MAS Slides


MAS Adhesive Slides

Excellent for the most challenging tissues and applications.  (i.e. toe nails, breast & neural tissue)

Part # 5077W90BX Box $40.00  
Part # 5077W90 Case $280.00  

MAS-GP Slides

Tru Bond 360 Microscope Slides

MAS-GP Adhesive Microscope Slides

Part # 5079W 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5079B 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5079G 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5079Y 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5079P 1,000 slides/case $280.00  

TOMO Slides

TOMO Adhesive Microscope Slides

TOMO Adhesive Microscope Slides


TOMO Adhesive Microscope Slide Recommended Uses:  Ventana Benchmark staining platforms and automated IHC platforms

White - 90 Degree Corners:
Part # 5081W90 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5081W 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5081B 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5081G 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5081Y 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5081P 1,000 slides/case $280.00  

TruBond 380 Slides

trubond 380 adhesive microscope slides

TruBond 380 Adhesive Microscope Slides

White :
Part # 5080W 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Blue :
Part # 5080B 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Green :
Part # 5080G 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Yellow :
Part # 5080Y 1,000 slides/case $280.00  
Part # 5080P 1,000 slides/case $280.00