Monarch Microtome Blades by CL Sturkey
Low Profile in a 50 blade dispenser.
Low Profile:
Blade Dimensions: 76mm x 8mm x .25mm (H x W x D) This is an industry standard dimension blade that fits low profile holders.
Finely honed stainless steel blades. The cutting edge (3rd bevel) is ground to a 35 degree angle to optimize both durability and precision.  It is then coated with a special Teflon-like coating that provides a perfectly smooth and slippery surface for ultimate performance.
PTFE overcoating (a “teflon-like” coat)
All general paraffin cutting including: soft tissue, hard tissue, decalcified bone, small biopsies and large tissue.
Monarch Microtome Blades by CL Sturkey

Monarch Microtome Blades

Low Profile 50 Blade Dispenser (Price Per Box):
Part # 62515A 1-4 $49.00  
Part # 62515A 5-9 $47.00  
Part # 62515A 10+ $45.00