Saccomanno Collection Fluid

Newcomer Supply Beaker

(use: For collection and pre-fixation of cytology specimens.)

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Part # 1361B 1 gal $35.60 H
60 ml vial, 30 ml fill (O-ring Lid):
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Saccomanno Collection Fluid Part 1361B
60 ml vial, 30 ml fill (50/cs)
Saccomanno Collection Fluid Vial Part 1361D


For storage requirements and expiration date refer to individual bottle labels.



Newcomer Supply Saccomanno Collection Fluid is a ready-to-use cytology pre-fixative and sample preservative, and fluid of choice for collection of sputum specimens.  Saccomanno Collection Fluid also provides a variety of applications for collection and transport of cytology specimens, such as:

    • Fine need aspirates (FNA)
    • Urine samples
    • Urinary tract washings
    • Bronchial washings and brushings
    • Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)
    • Gastrointestinal specimens

Saccomanno Collection Fluid works to partially fix and stabilize cytology specimens, protecting cells from decomposition and autolysis when specimen transport is required or when cytopreparation is delayed.  Mucoproteins will remain suspended in the collection fluid and cells can be reclaimed with centrifugation.



Fixation: Add equal volume of Saccomanno Collection Fluid to cytology specimen.

      • For brushes, add enough collection fluid to fully cover.

Solutions:  All solutions are manufactured by Newcomer Supply, Inc.



    1. After cytology specimen is collected and received in the laboratory, add equal volume of Saccomanno Collection Fluid to specimen that will be transported or held for an extended amount of time prior to cytopreparation.
        1. See Procedure Note #1.
    2. Store and/or transport specimen according to suggested temperature specifications for specimen type.
    3. Proceed with cytology sample fixation and processing method for specific specimen type.
        1. See Procedure Note #2.



    1. Refer to laboratory guidelines for length of time a specific cytology specimen type can be held fresh prior to processing or addition of Saccomanno Collection Fluid.
    2. Saccomanno Collection Fluid is considered a cytology pre-fixative and not a substitute for final specimen fixation in appropriate strength alcohol.



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