Embedding Tissue Tampers

Embedding Tissue Tampers

Newcomer Supply’s Tissue Embedding Tampers are unique tools for flattening tissue sections in an embedding mold with ease!

The design allows for the end-user to either use a forceps or their fingers to easily control the tampers. Comes in two different sizes to accommodate small, medium and large embedding molds.

Product Options:

10mm x 10mm (Orange):
Part # 5108A 1 - 4 (each) $25.00
5+ (each) $20.00
10mm x 10mm (Yellow):
Part # 5108AY 1 - 4 (each) $25.00
5+ (each) $20.00
16mm x 19mm (Green):
Part # 5108B 1 - 4 (each) $25.00
5+ (each) $20.00
16mm x 19mm (Purple):
Part # 5108BU 1 - 4 (each) $25.00
5+ (each) $20.00
Combo, 1 - 10mm x 10mm (orange) & 1 - 16mm x 19mm (green):
Part # 5108COMBO 1 - 4 (pack) $47.00
5+ (pack) $38.00
Combo, 1 - 10mm x 10mm (yellow) & 1 - 16mm x 19mm (purple):
Part # 5108COMBOYU 1 - 4 (pack) $47.00
5+ (pack) $38.00


We have designed and developed an embedding tissue tamper that techs can now easily hold with their fingers or forceps and have complete control of the tamper!  Other tampers on the market are designed solely for operating it with your fingers or a forceps, but not both.

At Newcomer Supply we understand the dilemma, because we have our own histology lab for control slide production.  When embedding, different techs have different styles of how they want to use the tampers.  Some like to keep the embedding forceps in their hands throughout the process and don’t like the idea of putting them down to tamper the tissue in the base molds.  Other techs like the feel and control of holding the tamper with their fingers and don’t like the tampers that can only be used with forceps.

Our solution was to design a single piece aluminum tamper with a handle that extends 24mm above the tamper base.  This allows for great control for techs that like to use their forceps when tampering the tissues, but also affords those that prefer holding the tamper with their fingers the same luxury!  The extended handle with a vinyl cap also allows the surface, where a tech would hold it, to remain cool to the touch!

For a finishing touch, there is also an anodized colored surface on the tamper that makes it more durable and corrosion-resistant.  The colors signify size and give it an artful design.

These embedding tissue tampers are a must have for any grossing lab!


  • 10mm x 10mm base size (orange) for smaller base molds
  • 16mm x 19mm base size (green) for larger base molds
  • Combo pack including 1 of each size –  10mm x 10mm and 16mm x 19mm