Cassettes, Unisette Biopsy

Designed for biopsy specimens. The base and the lid are connected and have a snap-latch and hinge-lock design that allows for one-handed operation for closing and securing the lid to the base. Lids can be opened and closed as often as needed. Large anterior writing area is at a 35 degree angle.

Product Options:

Part # 5125ACS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125BCS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125GCS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125LCS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125PCS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125WCS 1,500/case $140.00
Part # 5125YCS 1,500/case $140.00


Molded from a special high density polymer, these Unisette Biopsy Processing & Embedding Cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are totally resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents.

Packaging of the Unisette Biopsy Processing & Embedding Cassettes:

  • Dispenser box contains 500 cassettes.


Unisette Biopsy Processing & Embedding Cassettes:

  • Specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process.
  • Efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.
  • One-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids.
  • Snap-latch and hinge-lock design of the Unisette Biopsy Processing & Embedding Cassettes prevent early separation of base and lid and allows for one-hand operation.
  • Lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss.
  • Large labeling areas are located on two sides of the cassettes.
  • Anterior writing area is at a 35° angle.