Biopsy Wraps, Biosavers 2 x 3

Product Options:

Part # 5550 1,000 sheets/box $40.00
Part # 5551 1,000 sheets/box $40.00
Part # 5552 500 sheets/box $22.00


BioSavers™ are a quality lens paper biopsy wrap.

  • Allow optimal infiltration while helping to prevent loss of specimen
  • Available in white, pink and blue
  • Colors of BioSavers™ sharply contrast to biopsies stained with IPC Blue™ allowing better visualization during embedding & cutting
  • Packaged 1000 – 2″ x 3″ sheets/box for white & pink and 500 – 2″ x 3″ sheets/box for blue.


Description of BioSaver biopsy wrap material by color:

White & Pink BioSavers:

Traditional woven lens paper that is more rigid and able to hold a folded shape that is applied to the biopsy wrap.

Blue BioSavers:

Non-woven lens paper that is slightly less dense & less rigid.  Easier to manipulate into different shapes.  Does not hold hard folds that are applied to the biopsy wrap.


CLICK HERE for information on IPC Blue™


BioSavers™ Biopsy Specimen Wraps Instructions for use:

  • The tissue should be placed in the middle of the wrap with plenty of space around all sides.
  • Fold the biopsy specimen wrap in thirds with a slight (about 1/8”) lip of wrap over one edge. (This makes it much easier for the person embedding to open)
  • Then fold the remaining ends over to make a closed “envelope” to allow it to fit comfortably in the cassette.