IPC Blue Biopsy Marking Dye

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1 oz. Dropper Bottle:
Part # 6899A each $12.40
16 oz. Flip-Top Bottle:
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IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dyes are a proprietary formula made with Toluidine Blue biopsy marking dye in a 10% neutral buffered formalin.

  • Economical – one drop per biopsy.
  • Convenient dispenser bottles prevent product from spilling or drying out.
  • Continues fixation while grossing.
  • Can be added directly to your tissue or on the tissue processor.



  • Dark blue color allows better visualization of biopsy during embedding & cutting.
  • IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dyes do not interfere with any other staining.  The IPC Blue™ Dye is totally replaced when the slide is stained.  (When Eosin is used as the marking dye, the tissue section will remain stained with Eosin).
  • IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dyes do not evaporate as quickly as Eosin, because it is formalin based instead of alcohol based.


How to Use the IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dyes:

At the Grossing Station: one to two drops are placed on a biopsy.

On the processor:  1 oz. of IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dye is added to the first formalin.  (It is important to note that Eosin CANNOT be used on the tissue processor, as this will remove and replace IPC Blue™ Tissue Marking Dye in the specimen).

The recommended application is to add 1 oz. to the first formalin and then rotate it to the second formalin before changing.