Slide Staining Trays - IHC

Slide Moisture Chamber IHC reaction

Slide Moisture Chamber

Part # 68431Aeach $69.00 
Part # 68432Aeach $69.00 

StainTray 30 Place

StainTray 30 Place with Black Lid:
Part # 6847-30BLeach $225.00 
StainTray 30 Place with Clear Lid:
Part # 6847-30CLeach $225.00 
Clear Lid Only:
Part # 6847-30LIDCeach $110.00 
Black Lid Only:
Part # 6847-30LIDBeach $110.00 
StainTray 20 Place Simport Plastics

StainTray 20 Place

StainTray 20 Place with Black Lid:
Part # 6847-20BLeach $190.00 
StainTray 20 Place with Clear Lid:
Part # 6847-20CLeach $190.00 
Clear Lid Only:
Part # 6847-20LIDCeach $82.00 
Black Lid Only:
Part # 6847-20LIDBeach $75.00 
StainTray 10 Place Simport Plastics

StainTray 10 Place

StainTray 10 Place with Black Lid:
Part # 6848-10BLeach $160.00 
StainTray 10 Place with Clear Lid:
Part # 6848-10CLeach $160.00 
Clear Lid Only:
Part # 6848-10LIDCeach $57.00 
Black Lid Only:
Part # 6848-10LIDBeach $52.00 
Slide Staining Trays Disposable

Slide Staining Trays - Disposable

A durable constructed plastic slide staining tray that is priced to be disposable, but we won't tell anyone if you use it more than once! The tray holds 8 slides comfortably and the deep well holds liquid waste up to 38ml. The tray provides easy transport from work area to sink. Two convenient pour spouts make it easy to dispose of unwanted liquid waste. Dark lid & base protects slides when used for light sensitive applications.

Temperature:   Trays are suitable for temps of -10°C to +80°C

Part # 68464 bases & 1 lid $43.00