EasyDip Staining System


EasyDip Slide Staining System in Aluminum Rack by Simport

The EasyDip™ Slide Staining System is ideal for special stains, frozen sections and other processes.

  • Two simple components: square staining jar and a 12 slide vertical rack.
  • Jars can be loosely joined to each other laterally, therefore making sure they are kept in the same order when moved around on the lab counter.
  • Jars are available in 5 different colors to help better identify contents or applications.
  • EasyDip Slide Staining Kit includes 5 staining jars and 1 staining vertical rack.
  • An anodized aluminum base is available to securely hold jars and prevent tipping.


EasyDip™Slide Staining Jar:
EasyDip Staining Jar by Simport




EasyDip™Slide Staining Rack:
EasyDip Staining Rack by Simport




EasyDip™Slide Staining Kit:
EasyDIp Jar Staining Kit



EasyDip™Anodized Aluminum Jar Rack Holder:
EasyDip Jar Rack Holder by Simport


EasyDip Staining Jar by Simport

EasyDip™ Slide Staining Jar

Use individually or link together.  Resistant to most chemicals and dyes and uses just 80 ml reagent for 12 slides!  Jars all have attached hinged lids.

Blue - Jar Only:
Part # 5300B 1-5 (each) $12.00  
Part # 5300B 6+ (each) $10.60  
Green - Jar Only:
Part # 5300G 1-5 (each) $12.00  
Part # 5300G 6+ (each) $10.60  
Pink - Jar Only:
Part # 5300P 1-5 (each) $12.00  
Part # 5300P 6+ (each) $10.60  
White - Jar Only:
Part # 5300W 1-5 (each) $12.00  
Part # 5300W 6+ (each) $10.60  
Yellow - Jar Only:
Part # 5300Y 1-5 (each) $12.00  
Part # 5300Y 6+ (each) $10.60  
EasyDip Staining Rack by Simport

EasyDip™ Slide Staining Rack

Holds up to 12 slides vertically.  Available in Dark Grey only.

Part # 5300RK 1-5 (each) $14.00  
Part # 5300RK 6+ (each) $12.40  
EasyDIp Jar Staining Kit

EasyDip™ Slide Staining Kit

Kit contains: 5 jars (one of each color) & 1 rack

Part # 5300KIT each $69.00  
EasyDIp Jar Rack Holder

EasyDip™ Anodized Aluminum Jar Rack Holder

Aluminum rack securely holds up to six Easy Dip Slide Staining Jars.

Part # 5300JRK each $79.00