EasyDip™ Slide Staining Kit

EasyDIp Jar Staining Kit

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Part # 5300KIT each $75.00


The EasyDip Slide Staining Kit Contains: 5 jars (one of each color) & 1 rack


    • Made of acetal polymer
    • Available in 5 colors
    • Use individually or link together as many as you need
    • Resistant to most staining agents including alcohol and xylene*
    • Dimensions: 2 ½ x 3 x 3 5/8 in. H
    • Temperature range: -80°C to +30°C
    • Uses just 80 ml reagent for 12 slides
    • Jars all have attached hinged lids
    • Ideal for special stains, frozen sections and other processes
    • Can be used with the EasyDip Slide Staining Rack (Part 5300RK) (sold separately)


*Jars are not resistant to: phenol, iodine, ferric chloride and are not autoclavable.  Also not recommended for Gram stain.



    • Made of acetal polymer
    • Holds up to 12 slides vertically
    • Slides fit into individual slots for free passage and rapid drainage of staining fluids
    • The lid completely covers the EasyDip Slide Staining Jar to minimize spill and evaporation
    • The handle is permanently attached to the rack for easy insertion and removal of slides without your fingers touching the solution
    • Available in dark gray only
    • Temperature range: -80°C to +30°C
    • Do not use in microwave
    • Dimensions: 2 ¼ x 2 ½ x 3 ¾ in. H
    • Can be used with the EasyDip Slide Staining Jar (Part 5300) (sold separately)


Avoid using in picric acid and phenol for prolonged periods of time.