Tissue Microarray Premade Paraffin Block Kit

Tissue Microarray Premade Paraffin Block Kit

Each kit includes:

  • 6 Blocks
  • 2 Tissue Punches

Product Options:

15 cores, 4mm:
Part # 6895A kit $167.50
24 cores, 2mm:
Part # 6895B kit $167.50
36 cores, 3mm:
Part # 6895C kit $167.50
60 cores, 2mm:
Part # 6895D kit $167.50
72 cores, 1.5mm:
Part # 6895E kit $167.50
150 cores, 1.5mm:
Part # 6895F kit $167.50
170 cores, 1mm:
Part # 6895G kit $167.50


The Tissue Microarray premade paraffin blocks are for constructing tissue arrays without the need of specialized equipment.  Simply punch the donor tissue cores and insert them into the premade paraffin recipient block.

  • Blocks made with Leica Paraplast X-tra paraffin.
  • Embedding cassette is Simport M480-4.
  • Packaging: Blocks packaged in 6 place plastic mailer made to hold premade blocks, punches are packed in safe, tamper-evident ziplock resealable bags.


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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:                                    

1 Extract the marked tissue from the donor block by using the appropriate tissue punch.

a.  Place the donor block on a horizontal and flat surface.

b.  Hold the tissue punch in your hand perpendicularly to the marked position of the donor block.

c.  Slowly insert the tissue punch into the donor block at the proper depth of 5mm.  Don’t insert it too quickly and too deep to prevent damaging the donor block and the tissue punch.

2 By slowly pushing on the tissue punch plunger, deliver the extracted tissue into the corresponding hole of the recipient block.  Then, gently push in all the tissue cores to ensure evenness for microtomy.
3 Place the recipient block on a glass slide (facing down) and incubate the block at 37°C to 45°C for 3 hours up to overnight.  The delivered cores will adhere to their respective holes in the recipient block.  Do not pull the slide from the TMA block.
4 With the recipient block still warm and tacky, heat another slide in an oven to around 70°C for approximately 10 minutes.  Then, place it under the slide that is already stuck to the Array block.  The Array block surface should quickly turn to liquid.  Move the two slides around on the Array block to push any surface air bubbles away and to flatten the Array block surface.
5 Now, remove second slide and place Array block with original slide (slide down) on counter for 10 minutes in order to cool down.  Once Array block is at room temperature, place it with the slide on an ice tray (no water) to cool for 20 minutes.  Slide should remove easily from Array block which will now be ready for cutting.



  1. The tissue punches are not intended for use directly on patients.  For lab/research purposes only.
  2. If some of the mold cores are not needed, simply fill unwanted holes in the paraffin Array block with blank paraffin cores.