Microtome Aligner - Universal

Microtome Aligner Tool Universal for All Microtomes

  • Works on all microtomes!
  • Preserve precious biopsy tissue on recuts
  • Easy & quick to use

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Microtome Aligner - Universal for all models:
Part # 6257TO each $250.00



Every microtome can be ready to do recuts on those precious biopsies! So simple & quick to use, you will be amazed. Only one Universal Microtome Aligner tool needed for ALL models, and it will last forever.


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  1. Remove blade from knife holder.
  2. Move microtome specimen head all the way back to the “home” position.
  3. Insert the Universal Microtome Aligner tool into the specimen head clamp with the bubble level facing up (see Figure #1).

                                                Figure #1

Microtome Aligner Tool for Histology


  1. Release orientation head locking lever so that the orientation head can be adjusted.
  2. Slowly move specimen head forward from “home” position until alignment bar on the Universal Microtome Aligner tool is almost touching the backside of the knife holder (see Figure #2).  You may need to manually lower the specimen head with hand wheel to match up the alignment bar with the back side of the knife holder (see Figure #2).

                                                                                                  Figure #2

Microtome Aligner Tool Showing Alignment Bar

  1. Adjust the gap between knife holder and alignment bar so the left and the right side of alignment bar has the same amount of gap.  You may need to advance or retract specimen head to get the best position.  This will adjust the “Z” axis alignment (see Figure #3).

                                         Figure #3

Microtome Alignment Tool Level Bubble

  1. Center the bubble in circle level by adjusting the “X” and “Y” axis (see Figure #3).
  2. Once the bubble in the level is centered, lock orientation head with locking lever.
  3. Re-check the alignment bar gap (steps 5 & 6).
  4. Your microtome orientation head should now be aligned!


NOTE:  To receive optimal performance from this Universal Microtome Aligner tool, your microtome MUST BE level and your specimen head clamp must be free of any debris.


If the bench or the microtome is found not to be level, here are some suggestions to try and accommodate for this issue:

  1. Purchase different types and/or sizes of rubber or felt feet from a local hardware store for adjusting the level foundation beneath the microtome.
  2. Use shims of metal or wood to level the base of the microtome.
  3. Have your bench top leveled by a maintenance ace or carpenter.
  4. If your microtome had adjustable feet, manipulate them to bring your microtome to level.


If you cannot level the bench and/or the microtome with the above suggestions, here is a way to work around a non-level surface;

  • Match the offset of your microtome or your bench top by physically marking the actual offset on the aligner level.  The new marking becomes the “zero” target mark.  (See diagrams below)

Microtome Alignment Tool on Unlevel Surface