Michel's Transport Medium Vial

Michel's Transport Medium Vial

(use: Preserves morphology & antigenicity during transport of tissues.)

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30 ml vial, 15 ml fill:
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20 ml vial, 10 ml fill (1-3 cases, each):
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20 ml vial, 10 ml fill (4+ cases, each):
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500 ml  1 Liter 1 Gallon
Michel’s Transport Medium Part 1242A Part 1242B Part 1242C
Michel’s Wash Solution Part 1243A Part 1243B Part 1243C


30 ml vial, 15 ml fill (50/cs) 20 ml vial, 10 ml fill (25/cs)
Michel’s Transport Medium Vials  Part 12423C Part 12423E


For storage requirements and expiration date refer to individual bottle labels.



Newcomer Supply Michel’s Transport Medium and pre-filled Michel’s Transport Medium Vials, provide a stable medium for transport of fresh unfixed tissues, such as renal, rectal, lymph node, skin and oral mucosa biopsies, which will undergo subsequent frozen sectioning and immunofluorescence studies.

  • Michel’s Transport Medium is not a fixative and does not have any fixative properties.
  • Michel’s Transport Medium is not suitable for transporting cells for flow cytometry or tissues used for fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) studies.

Newcomer Supply Michel’s Wash Solution is used to rinse Michel’s Transport Medium from tissue after transport or storage and prior to freezing.



Fixation: Fresh unfixed tissue
Solutions: All solutions are manufactured by Newcomer Supply, Inc.



  1. Place fresh tissue in an adequate amount of Michel’s Transport Medium as soon as possible after excision.
    1. See Procedure Note #1.
  2. Ensure that the specimen is completely covered with Michel’s Transport Medium and is free floating.
  3. Transport tissue to processing site in Michel’s Transport Medium up to a maximum of five days.
  4. During transport or storage, maintain cool to ambient temperatures of 4°C to 22°C.
  5. Upon receipt, wash tissue held in Michel’s Transport Medium with Michel’s Wash Solution; three changes, 10 minutes each.
  6. Freeze tissue sample(s) per laboratory protocol.
  7. Tissue placed in Michel’s Transport Medium may provide adequate results when processed for light microscopy review.
    1. Wash tissue 2-3 minutes in tap water and place in appropriate fixative prior to processing.
    2. See Procedure Note #2.



  1. Previously frozen tissue will not provide optimal testing results and should not be used with Michel’s Transport Medium.
  2. Tissues held/transported in Michel’s Transport Medium, may provide satisfactory histological results if conditions as outlined in Procedure Steps #3 and #4 are maintained.  Morphology detail will not be equal to that of expediently fixed and processed tissue.



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