Graduated Cylinders

Graduated Cylinder Plastic 250ml

The graduated measuring cylinders are designed with easy to read molded graduations, hexagonal bases, wide openings and tapered pour spouts that creates a great user experience at a very affordable price!

Product Options:

10 ml:
Part # 5250A each $4.30
25 ml:
Part # 5250B each $5.30
50 ml:
Part # 5250C each $5.80
100 ml:
Part # 5250D each $8.00
250 ml:
Part # 5250E each $11.00
500 ml:
Part # 5250F each $14.50
1000 ml:
Part # 5250G each $19.50


The Graduated Cylinders offer precise fluid measurements in many laboratory operations.



    • Made of translucent polypropylene for general laboratory work
    • Easy to read molded graduations
    • Wide openings with tapered pour spouts and a hexagonal base
    • Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and many common solvents
    • Working temperature range: 4° to 60°C