Graduated Beakers

Graduated Beaker Plastic 100ml

A safe shatterproof alternative to glass beakers.  The beakers are designed with a single no drip spout and easy to read measurement markings to make anyone’s job in the lab easier!

Product Options:

50 ml:
Part # 5240APK 12/pack $27.50
100 ml:
Part # 5240BPK 12/pack $29.00
250 ml:
Part # 5240CPK 6/pack $21.20
600 ml:
Part # 5240DPK 4/pack $20.50
1000 ml:
Part # 5240EPK 3/pack $24.60
2000 ml:
Part # 5240FPK each $16.10


The Graduated Beakers are an excellent choice for mixing, pouring, stirring and measuring solutions in many laboratory operations.



      • Made of translucent polypropylene for general laboratory work
      • Bold, printed, dual scale graduations
      • Single non-drip spout
      • Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and many common solvents
      • Autoclavable at 121°C
      • Beakers without handles stack to save storage space