CellSafe+ Biopsy Capsules

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Part # 5553W 100/pack $68.00
Part # 5553B 100/pack $68.00


The CellSafe+ Biopsy Capsules are specifically designed to keep biopsy specimens safe during processing.  The CellSafe+ is made of two hinged interlocking frames with an integral mesh.  This extra fine mesh ensures a high level of specimen security, no tissue damage and low reagent carry over.

The capsule is closed in one direction to fully encapsulate the tissue.  The CellSafe+ can then be placed in a standard cassette for processing.  The tissue can be removed with greater ease and security when compared with conventional foam pads or paper wrap.


Benefits of the CellSafe+ Biopsy Capsules:

  • X-Ray transparent for breast work
  • Blue mesh aids contrast and visualization of light colored biopsies
  • Extra fine mesh provides up to 20 times less carry over of solvents than foam pads
  • Zero tissue damage or artifacts associated with foam pads
  • Substantial time savings when compared to wrapping biopsy in tissue paper