Cassettes, Swingsette in QuickLoad™ Sleeves

Swingsette Cassettes in QuickLoad Sleeves by Simport

Same cassette as #5130, but in a convenient dispensing sleeve compatible with Thermo Fisher printers. 10 sleeves of 75 cassettes each/case and 10 bags of 75 lids.

Product Options:

Part # 5129A 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129B 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129GY 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129G 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129L 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129O 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129PE 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129P 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129T 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129W 750/case $118.00
Part # 5129Y 750/case $118.00


These Swingsette tissue cassettes are suitable for hoppers accepting plastic sleeves such as Thermo Fisher printers.  They load in cassette labeling instruments in one simple operation!  The transparent sleeve allows viewing of the Swingsette tissue cassettes in order to confirm there are no tissue cassette jams in the sleeve during the printing process. Molded from acetal, these cassettes keep specimens safely submerged in liquid and are resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents.


Packaging of the Swingsette Tissue Cassettes in QuickLoad Sleeves:

  • 75 cassettes/sleeve; 10 sleeves/case; 750 cassettes/case and 10 bags of 75 lids.


Swingsette Tissue Cassettes in QuickLoad Sleeves:

  • Made of acetal
  • Efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage.
  • Special hinge allows cassettes to be opened and closed as often as necessary.
  • Large tab for convenient and easy opening of lid.
  • Cover packaged separately and can be removed and re-inserted easily without losing specimen.
  • The anterior writing area is at a 45° angle.
  • Cassettes also available without QuickLoad sleeves (Part 5130).