Cassettes, Slimsette in QuickLoad Taped Stacks

Slimsette tissue processing and embedding cassettes in QuickLoad Taped Stacks by Simport

Same cassette as #5126, but conveniently taped in stacks of 40 and compatible with Leica & Sakura ink jet printers. 40 cassettes/stack, 50 stacks/case.


Product Options:

Part # 5138A 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138B 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138F 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138G 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138L 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138E 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138PE 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138P 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138T 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138W 2,000/case $398.00
Part # 5138Y 2,000/case $398.00


The Slimsette in QuickLoad Taped Stacks are taped cassettes to be used with Leica and Sakura Ink Jet printers. Made from acetal, they keep specimens safely submerged and are resistant to the chemical action of most solvents used in histology laboratories.


Packaging of the Slimsette in QuickLoad Taped Stacks:

  • 40 cassettes/stack; 50 stacks/case; 2,000 cassettes/case.


Slimsette in QuickLoad Taped Stacks:

  • 114 openings each measuring 1 x 5mm maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper reagent drainage.
  • The cover does not protrude above the cassette, a great space saving feature.
  • The one-piece disposable plastic cover is pre-attached on each cassette and eliminates the need for reusable steel lids.
  • The cover can be opened and closed as often as necessary and will relock, reducing the possibility of specimen loss.
  • Anterior writing area is at a 45° angle.
  • Cassettes also available without QuickLoad Taped Stacks (Part 5126).