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histotec pen

HistoTec™ Pen


Fine-tip (diameter approximately 0.9mm), black ink pen that writes and dries quickly.  Works on microscope slides and plastic cassettes.  Withstands histo & cyto stains, xylene, alcohol and other histo chemistries.  A lot of pen for the buck!


Part # 572512/box $29.00 
Diamond Perfect Mark Laboratory Pen

New! Diamond PerfectMark Pen


The ultra fine tip writes easily on cassettes, slides & test tubes.  The pen is smear-proof, waterproof, odorless and light-resistant.  Ink is also resistant to most laboratory chemicals & solvents.  Black ink dries quickly.

Part # 572610/box $29.00 
KP Marker Plus Pen

KP Marker Plus Pen


Ultra fine-tip (diameter approximately 0.75mm), dark black ink pen.  Write easily on microscope slides and plastic cassettes.  Will go through the harshest histology chemistries and stay on.  Excellent choice for the toughest applications.

KP Marker Plus Pen Tip Image
Part # 572412/box $45.00 
Moist Mark Plus Pen

Moist Mark Plus™ Pen


Fine-tip (diameter approxmiately 0.75mm) black ink pen designed for histo and cyto labs. Writes without smearing on both frosted slides along with plastic cassettes. Works well with high pH citrate buffer HIER. Dries quickly.

Part # 626010/pack $35.00