Substrate/Chromogen Systems

Turbo Action Stable Liquid DAB and AEC for Peroxidase (HRP) Staining

Turbo Action Stable Liquid DAB and AEC for Peroxidase (HRP) Staining

Fast Developing (1-5 minutes). Only 2 components. "Good to the last drop"; left over mixed AEC and DAB solution stable for up to 3 weeks. Stains 1200 slides.

DAB Liquid/Substrate System:
Part # NB314SBD70 ml $295.00 
AEC Liquid/Substrate System:
Part # NB314SCS70 ml $345.00 

Turbo Alkaline Phosphatase Chromogens

Fast Developing (5-10 minutes). Two components for Innovex Fast Red. Single solution for Permanent Innovex Brown (DAB like color) for alkaline phosphatase staining. Single solution for Permanent BCIP/NBT with no background or leeching out.

Innovex Fast Red:

1000 slides

Part # NB317SBF70 ml + 13 tablets $355.00 
Permanent BCIP/NBT (single solution):

180 slides

Part # NB321NBT10 ml $119.00 

Signal Enhancing Wash Buffers


Alkaline Phosphatase-Enhancing Wash Buffer

(For amplifying Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, Innovex Brown & other substrate chromogens for alkaline phosphatase enzyme staining.)

Part # NB302S1 L $135.00 
Part # NB3024 L $325.00 

Alkaline Phosphatase-Enhancing Wash Buffer

5X Concentrate

Part # NB302-5C1 L $375.00 

HRP-Enhancing Wash Buffer

5X Concentrate

Part # NB301-5C1 L $395.00 

HRP-Enhancing Wash Buffer

(For amplifying AEC & DAB Stains.)

Part # NB301S1 L $145.00 
Part # NB3014 L $365.00 

Chromogen Enhancers


AEC Enhancer

Part # NB31915 ml $149.00 

Fast Red Enhancer

Part # NB32215 ml $195.00 

Quick DAB Enhancer

Part # NB30860 ml $325.00 
Part # NB308-3030 ml $215.00