MSH6 Analyte Control

MSH6 Histology Slide Image

    • For Research Use Only
    • 2 Cores, one with intact expression of MSH6, one with loss of MSH6 expression

Product Options:

Part # HCL050 2 slides $19.00
Part # HCL051 5 slides $41.00
Part # HCL052 1 block $727.00

HistoCyte Laboratories’ MSH6 Analyte Control contains 2 cell lines, one with intact expression for MSH6 and one with loss of expression for MSH6. This two core product is a cost effective means of controlling for MSH6 assays over the four core MMR Analyte Control.  However, it cannot be used with other MMR assays.  These cell lines are derived from the following tumors:

Cell line A: Breast adenocarcinoma

Cell line B: Colon adenocarcinoma

  1. Cells are fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin and paraffin wax embedded.
  2. Sections are cut at 4µm, mounted on positively charged slides and dried overnight at 37ºC.
  3. Cell microarrays (CMA) contain cores that are 1.5-2mm in diameter and 3-3.5mm in length.  It is possible to obtain over 300 sections depending on thickness.