Cassettes, Micromesh Biopsy in QuickLoad™ Sleeves

Same cassette as #5120, but in a convenient dispensing sleeve! 10 sleeves of 75 cassettes each/case.

Product Options:

Part # 5123W 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123A 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123P 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123G 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123Y 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123B 750/case $220.00
Part # 5123T 750/case $220.00


Suitable for tissue cassette labelers with hoppers that accept plastic sleeves.  The Micromesh tissue processing & embedding, biopsy cassettes will load in a cassette labeling instruments in one simple operation!  The transparent sleeve allows viewing of the Micromesh tissue processing & embedding, biopsy cassettes in order to confirm there are no tissue cassette jams in the sleeve during the printing process. 

Packaging of the Micromesh Biopsy Tissue Processing & Embedding Cassettes:

  • 10 sleeves of 75 biopsy cassettes/case.


MICROMESH Biopsy Tissue Processing & Embedding Cassettes

  • Slightly larger (0.38mm) square openings, and large anterior slots allowing for increased fluid exchange and faster sinking in liquids.
  • No biopsy pads are necessary.
  • Micromesh biopsy cassettes feature a recessed cover and a large square 27mm compartment, perfect for needle biopsies.
  • Lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss.
  • Large labeling areas are located on three sides of the biopsy cassette and are at a 45° angle for your convenience. 
  • Lids are pre-mounted on cassettes.