MAS Slides


This slide has remarkably improved adhesion to tissue sections and cells due to the amino groups that bind to the tissue section have a much higher density on the slide than could be achieved by either poly-L-lysine or silane coatings.


MAS Adhesive Coated Slides:

The MAS adhesive coated slides are excellent for the most challenging tissues and applications:

  • Demanding IHC with antigen retrieval
  • Veterinary Animal Tissue
  • Difficult Tissue (Dry, Fatty or Hard Tissue such as bones, nails, breast, eyes & brain)


Dimensions & Quantity:

  • 75 x 25 x 1.0mm
  • 90º Corners
  • 100 slides/box, 10 boxes/case



  • 15 – 30° C


MAS Adhesive Coated Surface Type:  Hydrophilic



MAS Adhesive Slides

Very Strong

Surface: Hydrophilic

Application: Excellent for the most challenging tissues and applications.

Unit: 100 slides/box, 1,000 slides/case


Part # 5077W90BX Box $40.00  
Part # 5077W90 Case $280.00